By jazzyfizzle - United States

Acting 101

Today, I was partnered with this really sexy guy for an audition. He says, "Am I really stuck with you? I can't even stand being seen with you in public!" I start cursing him out really loud, but then I realize that he's only reading the script. Everyone was staring, and he called me a crazy bitch. FML
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  nalia18  |  8

ur fault haha! but really? why curse him out? and that would suck apologize to everyone. and offer to buy him a drink or something... BAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! you neva kno "wink wink" ;)

By  FMLwrestler  |  0

YDI for being so stupid you don't know the script.

Y also DI for being (assumingly) ugly, fat, and most obviously psycho, and then expecting a quote "really sexy guy" to like you.

Lastly, YDI for shouting your mouth off in public. If you weren't so self-centered and took that with grace and found out WHY he felt that way instead of being all "oh im the sh*t everybody should like me" attitude, maybe you would have found out what the problem was (IF there actually WAS a problem with you.. which there wasn't until you screamed?).

Oh, yeah, and YDI for auditioning for a play period. ...They really should let people hit the "YDI" button more than once... say, 30 times...

By  Metronomy_fml  |  0

ouch! Do you have low self-esteem? I can think of no other reason for you to imediately presume a really sexy guy would be so rude to you, during an audition, where you were reading from a script, and ACTING.
Maybe pretend you were trying improv?