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When life gives you lemons, cut them carefully.

Those damn bloody lemons


When life gives you lemons, cut them carefully.

I can barely handle paper cuts with lemon. That must have been agonizing OP.

The picture makes this comment even funnier lol.

when life gives you lemonade make lemons life will be all like whaaattt?-Phil Dumfy

Sounds like OP's a bit spastic.

My comment that was moderated, "Sounds like OP's a bit spastic," was a joke on OP's name. 5p4571k=Spastic.

Should of washed your hands

#2 Should have* gone back to fifth grade

If there's lemon in the meal it doesn't really matter if you wash it off or not, especially when you have kids waiting for their food...

It's obviously should of hence the contraction should'f...

@28 It's "should've" for "should have"

#51 I'm sure #28 is well aware of that, obviously sarcasm exists and you did not pick up on that.

Everybody can make mistakes..At least she was cooking something for the family instead of heating some cheap frozen "food" in the microwave like most of the "modern" moms do.

#52, To be fair, it is just a little more difficult to pick up on sarcasm when reading, because they can't listen for the distinct tone of voice when someone is being sarcastic.

Blame life for giving you that lemon

When life gives you lemons, make some bloody lemonade mate.

Those damn bloody lemons

British or clever?

#26 How about both? :P

Still, i bet it was a hella of a dinner! Good job on the effort OP.

I hope you didn't slice it too bad and I hope you have a speedy recovery.

I had the same experience yesterday, and found a bright side: seems that the lemon juice helped the wound heal more quickly, though I don't understand why.

I'm so sorry sorry for you. I hope your finger feels better.

I feel for OP, I chopped the top of my thumb off while attempting to cut carrots two weeks ago and it still hasn't fully healed

That sucks. The only thing like that that happened to me was I sliced off the tip of my finger years ago

Looks like your coming r is cutting-edge.

Aw hope you feel better soon, that sounds painful :/ hope the dinner was good tho! (: