By Asshole hornet / Monday 28 October 2013 20:18 / United States - Marblehead
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  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

Ok, not calling you out I swear since others have said similar things, but, how the fuck is this karma!? Do you guys understand what karma is? Apparently not. Oh OP lit up a candle so karma decided to throw a fucking burning wasp at his face? Totally makes sense now!

Oh 17, you sneaky bugger. You beat me to it!

  drshn  |  22

Well guys go soft in her. She must be like 16-17 yrs, she does not know the meaning of karma. She would have heard someone else use the word and tried to use it, unfortunately she got it wrong.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

My comment really wasn't directed entirely at her. People on this site like to use "karma's a bitch" or something similar when it has absolutely nothing to do with karma. It's a bit ridiculous. "Oh you fell off your bike because you thought you saw your sister? Well that's karma!" No. No it fucking isn't.


Today, my parents came back home from a one-week trip, during which I didn't let any friends over, so I could keep the house clean. Now my parents say they'll never leave me home alone again because the house is "too clean" and I must have thrown a party while they were gone. FML

By justinkoch / Thursday 9 June 2016 16:33 / Canada - Moose Jaw

Today, someone finally came to fix my phone line after three weeks with no Internet. The engineer reconnected the phone line to the wrong apartment. I hope my neighbour is enjoying my unlimited broadband. FML

By caggybandicoot / Saturday 18 June 2016 02:37 / United Kingdom - Torquay
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