By thanks google - 04/09/2018 16:30 - United States - Naperville

Today, while I was driving, Google said it found a faster route to save me 15 minutes. I hit accept, only be directed into a gridlock on the interstate, adding an hour to my drive time. FML
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That's why you use Waze instead XD

Cheat on it with Siri


Never trust the Google 😂

Cheat on it with Siri

Better than taking you on roads that don’t exist I guess.

That's why you use Waze instead XD

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I was gonna say that

Same. Yeah it might have you drive the wrong way down a one way street or tell you to cut through someone's backyard but damn it gets you there quick.

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Scientists found an old, bearded man in a jungle. They couldn't get him to answer any questions, as everything the man seemes to be able to say was "Google maps they said... You'll find the way they said..."

There is a setting in Google maps for updated traffic information

That’s why I just take the simple way. In my area, there is no faster even if the interstate is backed up, because all the other streets either have stop signs at every 8 tersection, or poorly timed traffic lights that you never get two consecutive lights in a row.

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that's what you get for not using waze!