Kitchen Nightmares

By just the tip, though - 28/01/2014 17:06 - United States - Grovetown

Today, at work teaching a cooking class, one of the kids asked if they could use a knife to help me chop vegetables. I said no, because it was very sharp and only staff members are allowed to use them. Just as I said that, the knife sliced through the tip of my thumb. FML
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And now you get to teach them first aid! You're such a good teacher.

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Well, you were right. It was sharp.


And now you get to teach them first aid! You're such a good teacher.

#15, I know, I was just pointing it out for the people who don't understand sarcasm. It's also hard to tell through the internet sometimes.

Then the teacher would be like: "See kids, and that's what would've happened if I let one of you chop the veggies!"

Why did I get down voted? -.- I just stated that some people might not understand sarcasm through the internet.

#62 lots of comments are sarcasim-based so I'll go out on a limb and say that FML users understand sarcasim

You got down voted because you are 12 And your opinion won't matter for 6 years

I'm not twelve but a twelves year olds opinion matter just not in the governments point of view

I guess the internet doesnt like you today. Does it now?

#74 come back when you're not drunk and try that again.

OP cut right to the point with that one. I hope OP kept a handle on their forking expletives, though, or the kids might have learned more than they wanted to in that class, and a little too spoon.

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You're a real cut-up, Pleonasm.

It seems everyone just loads up the pun gun for an upvote..

Or a shit pun for downvote. Works the same way!

What bad puns? Pleonasm's puns are always a cut above the rest, no matter which way you slice them.

I'm worried. Her condition may not be Stable.

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Well, you were right. It was sharp.

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if OP teaches in a real culinary school, then OP would know that a DULL knife causes more accidental cuts in the kitchen. This is because a sharp knife, in the hands of someone with proper technique, goes right through. Whereas, a dull knife requires the cook/chef to apply more pressure to the handle, making the blade more likely to slip. So I'd say OP wasn't using the right technique, the knife should have actually been sharper than it was, or the knife could have been old and lost it's shape (this happens if the knife is out in the dishwasher and an untrained eye can't see it). Not saying OP deserved this but these are definitely some things to consider.

Wow, better be more careful next time. Try to pay more attention to the food that you're cutting.

They were only showing their student why that knife can only be used by instructors. I think they gave a very good example.

#4 Shouldn't a person who is cutting something pay more attention to what they are cutting with and what they are doing rather than what they are cutting? We are talking about vegetables here. Hope you don't cut yourself.

43- What the hell are you talking about?

@53 and anyone else who didn't understand: #4 said for OP to pay more attention to the food that OP is cutting. As to say that the food will hurt OP if OP does not pay more attention. When actually OP should pay attention to the tool being used and the actions being taken. I am shocked nobody understood #4's mistake and my explanation lol.

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My father was killed by carrots.

At least you proved your point, but I guess it wasn't worth your thumb

The point of the knife that is. XD No? Okay..

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It'd most likely be the edge of the knife. Not the point.

#11, I know. I just... I don't know why I said that. Lol

13, every comment you've made on this FML has been downvoted. Quit while you're already behind.

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You gave them a demonstration they will not soon forget!

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Well, at least you showed him what not to do.

You were simply demonstrating how sharp it really was