By aww, such a nice guy. NOT - 25/05/2014 17:46 - United States - Dodge City

Today, the previously charming guy I've been seeing for the past two weeks tried to introduce a weekly sex quota into our relationship. FML
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maybe explain that a relationship isn't a business. there shouldn't be "quotas" for sex. it should just happen when it happens.

Introduce him to the "**** Off" quota.


maybe explain that a relationship isn't a business. there shouldn't be "quotas" for sex. it should just happen when it happens.

Roskosity 22

Or it doesn't have to happen at all. Especially with a guy that needs this explained to him.

incoherentrmblr 21

"Mmm, yeah, if you could not include a sex quota and just let it happen in time, that WOULD be great..." - Bill Lumbergh

I don't wanna like this just because it's at 69 likes.

incoherentrmblr 21

Am I the only one wondering if the reason he wanted to introduce the quota is cause she wanted it all the time and he was not keeping it up?

Tell him your quota is zero, and you won't go over that quota.

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At least let her earn some commission. Exemptions from cooking dinner, footrubs, etc.

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Is the quota to decrease or increase the incidences of copulation?

Quota of zero equals her first right of refusal. Therefore, the second option should be exercised.

#8 I hope this isn't how you treat any women in your life

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#39 - I hope you aren't treating the men in your life the same way you're treating me

#43- How's that? Being held to a basic level of human decency? I can see why you're so opposed to the thought of something like that.

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Alright, now before we start prolapsing our rectums, I would like to affirm that my previous comment was a mere... "joke," albeit a very crappy and crude one. Yes, I am aware that itemizing anyone that way is a very immoral and douchey thing to do. Yes, I am aware that #39 has feelings for me. My apologies.

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And I also regret nothing.

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I am sure you call me a pig because you want a sausage. Sorry, I don't eat pork.

Seems like you two had a good heart to heart.

shyeahh_fml 19

In a serious relationship, both parties should cook dinner, offer foot rubs, and simply commit actions that the other party enjoys. If the man wishes to have more sex, then what's wrong with him offering to cook dinner more than half the time or offer foot rubs that can be redeemed at any time, even when he normally wouldn't? 8 simply said the increased sex could exempt the female party from her share of these things if said agreement was made, and I honestly didn't think of it as a "women's role" thing until you all started bitching at him/her. 8's comment was intended as a joke, sure, but I can see it as a serious agreement that could be made in a relationship to make both parties happier. Not every comment needs to be taken as a sexist one, and 8's comment definitely doesn't make him a "pig." Stop jumping on the overreaction bandwagon, because you're the people that make it difficult to have an open and rational discussion by making people afraid to speak.

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Incorporating sex into the weekly workout regimen?

Scynistr 20

Sex is the weekly workout regiment...

Its not official until you sign something

Roskosity 22

Sex-quota? All work, all play?

I think she means the amount of times they have sex per week

Roskosity 22

That's clear. I was making a play on "all work, no play."

olpally 32

What a douche, he has zero patience. Move along.