By Ryan - 07/02/2010 14:18 - France

Today, I cut my finger at work while chopping some vegetables. I grabbed the nearest rag I could to stop the bleeding and put it on the cut. I didn't know the rag had just been used to clean up a lemon juice spill. FML
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look on the bright side, lemon juice tends to cauterize cuts

hj5 0

ouch but at least your cut smells lemon fresh.


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lololol your fault YDI 1st that mustof felt good

YDI for trying to infect your cut, but instead cleansing it.. Stop bitching.. Your life isn't ****'d, your Workplace Health & Safety course is.. Seriously.. WTF are they teaching you over there?

jakeidk 0

wow! really?! fyl because you got lemon juice in a goddamn paper cut?!? WTF?

Who reads cutting a finger at work whilst chopping vegetables & assumes paper cut? Idiot.

Paper cut? Dude, whatever you're smoking, you gotta lay it off.

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At least it wasn't used to wipe jalapeño seeds off the counter, or something.

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where did all the comments go?

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Yeah, where ARE the comments? 'cause this is rofl FUNNY!!!

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What does your gender have to do with this?

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how is this a fml? it's not like the pain will be there forever. grow a pair and suck it up

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it dosent have to be your whole life, its just something you say when some thing bad happens

seriously dude. are you like ******* emo or something? that hurts a lot!

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Because every single FML contains life-altering consequences, right?

what the hell? I had first and had like 10 people pissed at me lmaoo