By IllJustGetYouASweaterThen - 04/08/2010 07:58 - United States

Today, I was called handsome. Too bad it was coming from a trashed homeless lady, who then went on to tell me that she likes my lips and wants to rape me. FML
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CheaRight 0


what part of trashed homeless lady doesn't put any of you off??


CheaRight 0


Take it where you can get it. LOL

Soooooo, did you say ya?

PimpdaddyCJT 13

super sexy fun time, just don't let her cats join in

Melaniee_fml 0

yummy. and why would a homeless lady have cats. she's not a cat lady.

ur lucky... I wish homeless women would like my lips.. lol jk

So, turns out that beggars can be choosers...

czarofandronia 0

oh dayum

LOL wow that's a bit scary

quent10 0

omg thts hawt! (^omg thts sarcasm^)

um-kay........?!.......... well........ a compliment is a compliment no matter how... disturbing. lol just beware of any new stalkers. You'll know it's her.

at least it wasn't a guy...

twinny_sc 13 least you know your not ugly.

You should of said yes :( Its better then givin em charity money.

that's soo sexy. did you let her rape you?! :D

StopTheFuckinCar_fml 0

did you run away like a little girl yelling 'rape'! or did you take it like a man?

LMFAOwned 9

#40, if you were that homeless lady, I wudda let you. Lmfaojk Kthxbai

lock ur windows tonight

astarwarsfan 0

(puts on sunglasses) beggers can't be choosers

SpartyOn91 0

that's a complament

it's not rape unless u like it.......

60, so if she liked it, it's rape? I think you got that a little wrong there, dude.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

48, there's something wrong with your face. 

rofl she will make him buy her dinner first! you get it.. cause she's homeless and can't buy food...

YDI for not letting her rape you

48-that's probably the pickup line with the highest percent for an awkward moment. lol did anyone notice OP's name?

That_Guy_Jake_JR 0

I would NOT let a homeless woman rape me... It wouldn't be rape ;D

bet she smelt like fish, >:/ those ones are a no-no

Mmm homless people rape, my favorite kind!!! Lol

u gots a compliment

did u grab some pussy?

DiscountDJ25 0

56, It's more like... It turns out... -puts on sunglasses- Beggars can't be choosers. YEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!

#7 CAT FACE!!! op get some

Brittney_E 0

has stds written all over it.

zach55 0

perfect! cause you wanted to rape her too right?

unless she has a dick, I wonder how she was going to rape him.

you got a perty mouth

Pickled_Anon 0

Are you kidding #66?! Would you feel the same if a homeless guy wanted to rape a girl? How is a guy being raped somehow less serious than a girl being raped? Because he has a penis? That's extremely sexist.

atleast someone in this world loves u

Yeah i guess that part is true but make sure u wear a condom saftey first

go for it ,,,

KrystalCaliyah 0

better get ittttt

DUDE !!!!!!!....did you let her though?.... that's prop the only action ur getting so TAKE IT NOW!!! before she says "No deal"

what part of trashed homeless lady doesn't put any of you off??

I agree with 9

what part of dirty lonely girl doesn't turn any of us on??

trashed homeless ladies need love too.

Take the action and be grateful for it!

lol at least someone called yu hot...thts a compliment no matter what! :P pahaha

uhmmm... R-A-P-E get ur hands away from me!!! lawlzz!! I'm gonna assume y said no!! ... hopefully!!