By larSON5 - 15/08/2012 16:17 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, my girlfriend started a huge fight with me over how I don't have the right to have close female friends anymore. She ended up storming off, and won't return my calls. But no worries: she did just play the word "murder" in our game of Words With Friends. Very comforting. FML
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larSON5 tells us more.

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No none. The boring fact is they're just friends, we have a coffee after work now and then, and sometimes go to the bars for a few drinks. My girlfriend usually comes along, but when she doesn't because she's busy, and I still go anyway, it's like WW2.

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I recommend that you sleep with mace in your hand and a bat under your bed.


I recommend that you sleep with mace in your hand and a bat under your bed.

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He should have just played the words "break up"

No, surround the bed with Legos, and watch and wait for the inevitable doom! Mwahahahahaha!

Yeah good idea...sleep with a mace in your hand so she has a weapon to use whenever you've fallen asleep with it

35 OP doesn't have those letters, but he does, however, have 7 q's.

1- she can take the mace from his hand and beat him to smithereens while he's asleep...

42, 114, I think 1meant mace as in the pepper spray type thing used for self defense.

Or a bat in your hand and mace with the creepy dude under your bed.

40- you are too evil! Just because she is trying to kill him doesn't mean she deserves that! 35- that would require him having those letters. Also it's two words...

Maybe it's for the best that she's not returning calls?

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I agree. My stalking ex was the same way. God forbid I talk to any of my guy friends

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stupid app, replying to the wrong comments.

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words with friends is like MySpace. poor, poor MySpace.

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That is exactly what crossed my mind when I read this...

Me too, a little jealousy can be good for a relationship so the person knows you are scared to lose them, but not being allowed to have close female friends? That's over the edge a little in my book. I have a girl who I'm good friends with and my girlfriend is fine with it. She trusts me, which any good relation needs.

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I always trusted my ex with his close female friends. But he freaked out when he found a text in which I asked my supervisor (who is a guy) if the work schedule had been posted. Stay away from overly jealous obsessive people!

Oh I hate that. But I dated a guy who had only close girl friends and one of them said he cheated on me with all of them. I still trust others I date, but you can be a little cautious

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Was I the only one who thought of the overly attached girlfriend meme?

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She might just be worried about losing you and in turn acted irrational .relationships are complex after all

Or she could have discovered he was getting more than friendly. He didn't say WHY he didn't have that right. She could have caught him cheating and given him a second chance if he stayed away from other girls. Personally,I've never met a guy that hasn't at least attempted to cheat.

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Bsmith9942, noun. Meaning "sexist troll extraordinaire." I'm faithful, always have been. You're just looking for an excuse to hit that YDI button.

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Ugh, bssmith, you give us girls a bad name. What hangs or doesn't hang between your legs doesn't specify your commitment in a relationship. Sorry all the men you meet are assholes that try to cheat on you, but I probally would too with that attitude. Maybe you shouldnt date little boys who can't commit.

You haven't met many nice guys and keep meeting the ass holes then. A majority of guys do not cheat. And the rate that women cheat is right about on par with men. I haven't tried to cheat and I am in a long distance relationship that has lasted a year. Don't get your hopes down, you will find a nice guy eventually.

I agree! Bssmith: Not all girls assume men are cheaters from the start and not all men are. All the men you know that cheated probably did it because they were being accused of it and decided that if they were going to continuously be accused of cheating, they might as well put some truth behind it. Nobody likes being accused of something they didn't do.

My boyfriend tells me that he would rather castrate himself then cheat on me; and I believe him. Not all men cheat, and if you are constantly generalizing men negatively, then you WILL find a cheater.

I love how you all assume that I'm just talking about my boyfriends. I'm not. And I said I have never met one. I didn't say that all guys cheat I'm just saying that I can understand being insecure because I know guys who have totally clueless girlfriends who think they hung the moon.

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@bsmith9942, perhaps that's the type of guy your personality attracts. You might want to take an inward view and try to understand why you're always attracted to cheaters.

Saying I have never met a guy who didn't cheat was an exaggeration but it pisses me off when people start calling a girl crazy when the don't know anything about the relationship. We don't know whether or not OP was a cheater. Maybe op's girlfriend has been cheated on in the past by a guy who had girl friends. Don't assume she's crazy.

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All i was saying was maybe there is more to the story then what was posted

96 - If you actually opened your eyes and read the thread here, OP has posted and informed you that he is faithful and has given her no reason to act like she does.

Whoops.. I just noticed a typo of mine. Correction: he would rather castrate himself than cheat on me. The typo made it sound horrible o.O

She's insecure and/or doesn't trust you. I have close female friends, and fortunately I've given my wife no reason to doubt me or my intentions.

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#64, Docbastard is a Doctor that doesn't mean he is old. But again you never know

"Friend" may be a bit of an overstatement. "Archenemy" may be more accurate.

64, I'm married to my best friend and am about to give birth to his son in less than a week (probably). I can easily see spending the rest of my life with him. Even if Doc is older, younger people aren't always going to end relationships because of trivial things, or even big things. Stop putting us in a box, because some of us actually don't fit.

Thanks kaySL for clearing that up and good to see your back

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Uh-oh you better prepare yourself because you have a psycho ex on your hands.

Ugh. I had a relationship like that. I'd say just don't worry about it. Her insecurities are her own problem an probably has nothing to do with you. Obviously, take precautions, but don't freak yourself out over it. She's probably just trying to make you feel paranoid anyway.