By Anonymous - 28/01/2011 11:44 - United States

Today, at work, a homeless woman called me trash, threw her coffee at me, and told me to get a job. I do have a job. It's homeless outreach. FML
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You should have told her to get a home.

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lol the irony XD


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lol the irony XD

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it's mental or substance relayed 9 of10 times

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today I went to Egypt and was glad I did not live there

It's a perpetuated. People tend to use alcohol/drugs to cope with their mental health, which ends up making their symptoms worse, turning to increased amounts of drug/alcohol use.

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I was driving the other day, and I came across a homeless man asking for money. I didn't have money on me, so he flicked me off.

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carry around pennies to throw at them ^^

You should have given him your credit card and PIN you heartless bastard.

83 - WTF is wrong with you?

you don't have an easy job. You have my sympathy and admiration!!

You should have been like, NOU

That wouldn't work she would have just countered with "NO W", and we all know there's no counter for no w.

You should have told her to get a home.


You have a house, a job, money, food, a shower, etc. Your life is not ******.

you're cute ^.^

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She obviously meant get a real job, a respectable job, like panhandling for change.

I wish that my name was Ricky Bob Jilly Bon Kazula. Anyways, why would a homeless woman tell you to get a job? Was she encouraging you to do the thing she never did? Maybe she was actually being polite, you ruthless, cold-hearted bastard. You are so ungrateful for what you have. You actually have a woman coming up to you and giving you a reason to actually do something with your life. Selfish, ungrateful pig. I hope you burn in that one place that the ignorant Christians call hell when your 'Soul' is finally released from it's horror, into a torment greater than the human mind can comprehend. JK!!!!!! I

funny joke.

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:0 OMG I wantz that name too T-T

omg 0_o

naaaaw poor you

Continuation of that last comment. It stopped at 'I'. I was saying "I love text talk! It is so much fun to abbreviate simple words, rather than add the extra three words and make it legible."

Jumping Jesus on a Pogo Stick! I meant to say letters at the end of a word! I am a failure.