By sirradel - 19/08/2013 23:15 - United States

Today, my spouse asked me if I could transfer some of the passion I have for buffalo wings into our relationship. FML
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sirradel tells us more.

OP here guys! Just for your information, I'm a woman and my spouse is a man.

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Not your fault, buffalo wings are good


That is considered cannibalism, and cannibalism is frowned upon in many countries my friend.

Jake_Hale 7

LOL OP you should've said "if only you had the same passion about me as much as you have for sex"

nurchok 15

Don't be silly #1, eat her out, but make sure to spice it up :)

Jake_Hale 7

Mmmm oh my god #22

23, you're kind of weird....

#9 most countries...

OP could be a female...

Got something up your sleeve there Me. Wonka?

Why do you think it's a her?

OPs profile states indeed, that she is a miss.

Not your fault, buffalo wings are good

Damn right they are!

There's nothing better than a plate of good wings.

It's true. It's a tough decision to make.

Now it's time for OP to make his relationship (especially in the bedroom) as hot and spicy as a plate of wings.

put buffalo sauce on her naughty bits and see if she ever makes that connection again.

Baby if you were a car id shift your gears :P

Wings > Relationship

AnthonyWheeler15 24

That's a lot of passion, cause you gotta admit, wings are delicious.

Michele2luv 8

My thoughts exactly lol

I see you spreading blue cheese on her breasts and licking it off...Mmmm... Wait, I can't tell if I'm aroused or hungry now.

Grauncho 27

You sir, need to calm down.

Jake_Hale 7

No he doesn't need to calm down.... That's kind of hot

I'm hungry and aroused! Ohh decisions, decisions....

Buy her some buffalo wings, then maybe she'll understand.

I see some creative foreplay involving celery and ranch dressing in your future, OP.

AbstraktThoughts 13

Spread buffalo wings all over her? Then when you finish eating them, go lie down for a nap!