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Today, while I was walking home alone, a homeless man approached me and took me by the hand. Apparently, he's been watching me for weeks and has fallen madly in love with me. He told me not to worry, though, he's "not a rapist." FML
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For probably won't reassure me though lol

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No rape then no problem. Am I right?

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Well, he must be right. Because the movie "The Invention of Lying" is true... right?

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At least you are loved ;] That's all some of us could ask for...

Now I'm pissed. Someone just copied this shit and put it on reddit... That or OP posted it in two places. For the sake of my faith in F7U12, please tell me you posted this there...

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I'd probably still call the cops

OP should call the cops because its illegal and stalkers are dangerous :|

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31- Hi, welcome to Canada. If you walk around with a pistol out in the open and you're not a cop, you get tasered or shot and depending on which, dragged to jail or dragged to the morgue. :p Kinda hard to legally have one and the conditions for owning one as a civilian, are strict.

Well I'm form Canada and I agree but I think it's her falt for what she's wearing. Don't dress like a ***** I u don't wanna get ******

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56 - yeah I don't understand that. If someone is going to be willing to commit a crime, which is illegal, who's to stop that person from illegally owning a weapon.

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56- Hi, welcome to America where the people are free and get shot freely.

Why are some people here hating on that poor guy. He's a homeless person, not a psychopathic serial killer...

81, I was about to give you a smart ass reply until I noticed your username.

63- By that logic alone, you would be correct. Making something illegal usually works for people not willing to do something illegal. Restricts the law abiders, but doesn't affect the "bad guys", right? Well, I didn't say I supported gun control per say, it's more I've accepted it and the idea an illegal firearm is more difficult to procure to someone who doesn't need it, is a mild comfort. 74- I already presumed you were American, and certainly knew you weren't Canadian, based on your response alone. However, the Only reason I said "Welcome to Canada" was to point out that Op Was Canadian, hense, in all likelihood, did not have normal access to pistols. :p Mind you, she could go get a shotgun a lot easier....with the same reaction from police if she starts carting that around carelessly as well. ;)

74, People are murdered all over the world. Gun laws only affect what weapons are commonly used, not how often murders occur.

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2- Is it bad that my mind automatically jumped to: "**** tasers, get a sawed-off shotgun!" after reading your comment? I've been watching too many zombie movies. :(

THANK YOU! Someone with a little compassion...

83, It also protects people from the idiots whose only barrier to these crimes is access, and the other idiots who carry guns around because they're afraid of everything and are extremely dangerous because it doesn't take much to set them off. The comment about the taser is a perfect example of what I mean, if she has a taser she's likely to use it because she's scared when in reality it may be a case of overkill. The guy sounds reasonably harmless, just a little mentally off. So get a taser if you feel safer with it, but make absolutely sure you don't use it unless he's actually attacking you...

Let's not start shooting homeless people for being affectionate, k guys?

63: It's a trick question. It's impossible to deter all crime--even if every single person was a cop and carried a shotgun, there'd still be crime, it'd just be committed by cops and more people would have shotguns. Deterrence is a shitty strategy for controlling crime. Prevention is cheaper and more effective, and fewer people end up getting shot.

Time to get some pepper spray taser and a knife. Then you'll know for sure if he's a rapist because you will be prepared :). .

Dude, you never know and I'm sure you wouldn't want to be the one to find out if he is or not

To own a taser legally where I live you have to have a valid foid card and also complete a taser training course. I'm not sure about other states though.

31, Not everyone has guts to kill someone or leave them with a bullet wound. Also what if the other person gets a hold of the gun?

Exactly! He just wants to get in your good books incase you do bath salts.

Well he's homeless right? He has nothing to do but watch people and sleep. Besides, of he's been watching you for weeks that means you've walked down that same path home for weeks. I kinda feel bad for that homeless guy though.

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He takes the the out of pshco-therapist

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And you didn't run for your life?

Do you not know the first rule of self defence? ACT MORE CRAZY THAN THEM to scare them away.

I know seriously, she just let's him take her by the hand, makes you kind of wonder.

We that's a relief, eh? Either way, I would suggest finding a new route to take on your walk home.

Just don't spray it in his mouth while he's sleeping

And of course you feel completely comfortable with his infatuation, right? So, declining him couldn't possibly entice a negative reaction, could it? Being that he's not a rapist and all... :p Scary, and sorry, Op.

At least he's only a stalker and not a rapist. Let's just hope he also isn't a liar :D

Yep, with some work, OP could get rid of the stalker. A different route home, pepper spray, sled defense classes and more runs are pretty effective and if not, alert the authorities.

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Not to be a spelling nazi, but sled defense sounds awesome.

Sled Defense would be a pretty cool band name. For some reason, though, all I can picture is a bunch of elves beating each other with those long, plastic downhill sleds. I'd pay to see both.

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If she was this wouldn't be on FML, now, would it?

Haha I love how some people don't understand sarcasm. xD

139- Lol stupid people **** up our world and make me not want to live in it... I've never understood how people could be so dumb

(Maybe) give him a chance? Just don't go home with him after dates until you KNOW for sure he is safe. And carry a taser and pepper spray for safety! At least you know you're loved!! (^_^)/

he's homeless... you can't exactly do that with homeless people, it's not that easy

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OP: Thanks for taking me out to dinner, I had a great time. HP: Anytime, so did I. Are you free next Friday? OP: Yep! I guess I'll see you then? HP: You can count on that. You're paying, right? OP: Uh.. Sure? See you next week. HP: See you! OP: *walks inside* HP: *crawls under luxurious cardboard box* This is love, you guys.

Lol I didn't think people would take it so serious!! I liked the last comment though! (Mentally and Physically)

I could just imagine OP going "home" with him. "So... This underpass is great, you've done a lot to spruce up the place."

I feel like an idiot, I should have hit the next page button on the comments, mine sounds like a ripoff of the one above because it was hidden on my phone... -face palm-

Lol, it's ok... I think you got my joke (the original comment), so that's cool. =]