By newbffswelcome - 04/08/2013 18:07 - Vietnam - Hanoi

Today, I've been getting calls for over a week on my home phone, cell phone, and the work phone at my night shift, in which someone whispers terrifying Satanic-sounding chants at me. I've now found out that the caller is my best "friend". His explanation: "You seemed lonely, man." FML
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alexwow1 13

You have hilarious friends man

Um how exactly was that supposed to cure your loneliness??


inkdeath87 18

You might want to get some actual friends. Or call the cops. Either works.

He just wants OP to join the dark brotherhood. Nothing illegal here.

Pyro_Wolf 17

No, 17 the Dark Brotherhood is very illegal. The Morag Tong however.... Wow...I'm a nerd..

PterodactylMan 23

I think 24 just won my full respect for the Skyrim reference

dakotahulsey 15

Deff a morrowind reference

Pyro_Wolf 17

You're right 56, I was going for Morrowind. But Skyrim kinda works too.

challan 19

In the name of Mephala!

I mix up the Elder Scrolls all the time, especially which missions came from each dark brotherhood from each game. Regardless 24's reply was genius.

Both 24 and 17, you are fantastic. One of the first Elder Scrolls references I've seen that wasn't directly related to Skyrim (which is pretty awesome, don't get me wrong). Morrowind and Oblivion for the win, yo!

alexwow1 13

You have hilarious friends man

I wish my friends would do stuff like this

alexwow1 13

Mine does it but I found out it was him when he accidentally for to put *67

Um how exactly was that supposed to cure your loneliness??

Perhaps the friend was summoning some demons to keep the OP company?

I know I'd never be lonely again if someone would summon up a demon party for me :( but no. nobody loves enough

Well 60 I don't know any devil chants, but I guess I can just repeatedly say KOYAAANNIIISSQATSSSIIIIIIII

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

#64 is that a reference to Philip Glass, or the 1983 film? (I love me some Philip Glass)

I guess you'd rather be forever alone.

Don't worry OP, I'll be your new BFF :)

Well, at least you found out it was someone you knew! Now go and terrify that bastard OP! :D

TheyCallMePB 9

Hide outside his window and when he noticed say "You seemed lonely, bro."

TheyCallMePB 9

assuming you know him

VictorianBabe 8

Friendship over, right??? Lol

Hahaha totally! Isn't it just totes cool to put multiple question marks and an lol????

spearcom 13

Call back and pretend to be a girl and say the same thing back

He might be a great guy. Sounds like he has a kick ass sense of humor.

hcollins1 18

I'd want him as a friend, because I'd know I'd never be bored! Honestly if I was getting those kinds of phone calls I'd play along to see who freaks who out the most.

He was clearly conjuring Beelzebub to become your bestie.

you should get caller ID

Allennis44 16

*69 at the beginning of dialing a number makes your call restricted

What's wrong with that and OP never said anything about the *69