By wowimscrewed - 14/04/2011 04:37 - United States

Today, my roommate told me there is some restricted number that keeps calling and waking her up at odd hours of the night. She then says she's getting the police involved to find out who it is because she feels "harassed". I'm the restricted caller calling to wake her up from snoring so loud. FML
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Don't call on restricted? Or how abou actually telling her since she's your roommate.

police have better things to do, like catching "actual" criminals. Grow a pair of overies and tell your roommate she snores


Renee90 2

i dont think police can do that unless courts get involved.

Even if they do, they'll be happy she just calls and isn't strangling her with a pillow

gutzz 0

You should keep doing it, except when she answers say, "You're snoring too loud, I can hear you outside your window" in a creepy voice. :) That should solve your problem

same thing happened to me when I was black mailing Kate Moss, because of some videos of her actually eating. my tip, talk into a kazoo, it's a nice touch.

police have better things to do, like catching "actual" criminals. Grow a pair of overies and tell your roommate she snores

enonymous 8

30 I was reading that as "Kate moss was eating my tip." I was going to confront you on getting a bj from a toothpick.

Put a cork in her mouth. Popo do have better things to do then take care of it. just tell her the truth.

piss on her while she's sleeping, then slap her with raw bacon strips. take the bacon, fry it, eat it, throw it up, then shove it up her nose.

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I don't think anything could be less funny or more stupid than this comment from miss bunny...

they can do it, but I guarentee they won't. police have enough to worry about, than dealing with a college student getting prank calls. they will most likely fill out a report and forget about it. people cry to the police about everything, it's meant for life endangering situations only

heyitsadam17 2

Hahahhaha idk what happened to your first post but it Made me laugh hardcore!

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Really? The bitch can't just put her phone on silent??

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It probably depends on the state, but I was actually arrested for the SAME shit, only my roommate never even told me about it. I had a class A misdemeanor of harassment shoved down my throat (had it reduced to a violation) and a $1000 fine. One would THINK the police would have better things to do.

Miq94 0

hahahaha that's hillarious ! :)

this is so weird. I just read an FML saying that this girl is calling her roommate to wane her up so she'll stop snoring. now is it the same girl?

99 that sucks! I live a few miles away from a notoriously dangerous city, I have ran red lights (after checking for traffic first bc I don't wanna be carjacked) and the cops don't even care bc they are swamped with more serious stuff, so if someone called about a call waking them up they just laugh

97 - What if it's a land line without the option to change the volume? My home phone's like that...

i dont think the police can find out your number if it's on private. can they? i thought they could only find you if they're tracking you while youre calling or something...

Devin91 20

They can, my cousin was dumb enough to prank call the police and they called back and actually went to their house.

hahah ahh gotta love dumb criminals. "how did you guys catch me? my phone was set to private AND i had the ringtone set to mexican hat dance!?"

MegamiKaosu 28

911 tracks your number and tells the police <,<;

Andrea87_fml 3

that's bc ur cousin call the police station, lol

oblio 0

yes, they can. they can get a subpoena and get it from the phone company.

Echo963 1

as a police officer I can tell you that yes we can, but something stupid like this we most likely wouldn't waste our time. it's not like she's being threatened

Maybe you should tell her in the mornings?

HowDidIGetHere 0

That's some deep shit you got ourself into. couldn't you have waited till the morning?

gutzz 0

op is doing it to wake her roommate up so they'll stop snoring because it is bothering her.

HowDidIGetHere 0

I understand that, but it is still very inconsiderate of OP to bother her late at night.

Flutist 3

Yea, but it's also inconsiderate for the friend not to just like omg stop.

You can't control your snoring in your sleep without the aid of something like a nasal strip, because duh, you're asleep!

I find that smothering the snorer with a pillow is an effective means of shutting them up.

My mom snores loudly too, I usually just tap her once and when she wakes up I pretend to be asleep, she falls back asleep and doesnt start snoring for another few hours or even at all. *success*

LOOOOOOL so u tapped your mother. fyl

Autoshot 9

There are so many things wrong with this comment..

think your on the wrong app dude. that's freaky.

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LMFAO this is some class a comedy right here!!! I'm sittin on the tiolet too

kbtoyz69 9

waking your own mom by means of "tapping" lmao!!! is just sick!!! lol!! agghhh soo gross!!

Unless it keeps OP from sleeping, then ya it is. just buy your room mate some nasal strips.

kbtoyz69 9

or you could just take some nasal spray and when she starts snoring shoot a big blast of spray up her nose :D

ImaWiseGuy 5

quit being so ******* lazy and just go wake them up and tell'er shut that shut up......or if you wanna have fun with it pinch and hold their nose while they're sleeping/snoring, ***** hilarious I do it to my roommate all the time......

ImaWiseGuy 5