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Today, I was babysitting. Being kind, I went to grab their mail, while their 4 year old ate lunch. He locked me out, wrecked the house, and let me in right when he saw their car two hours later. I didn't get paid. I paid them. FML
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  TapeMan_3000  |  0

ummm fake 4 year olds can barely reach the doorknob, let alone open or even lock the door. ydi for not knowing this toddler had super jelly arms and was a really smart and evil for his age.


no, it's not fake. The 2 year old I watch can reach the door handle and I can see her starting to fidget with the lock. Within 3 months shell be able to lock and unlock the doors. For the average 4 year old the door handle is at about eye level.

  n3n324  |  0

actually my brother is 4 and has locked me out the room many times his not tall enough to lock the door but clever enough to get a chair or toy to stand on and lock the door.

  lovezombie  |  0

You let the four year old run around inside alone four two hours?? Didn't think of perhaps getting one of the neighbours for help, or borrowing thier phone to call the parents?

  Jrook  |  0

fairly certain that taking someone's mail is a crime, if you got in the house and the kid ruined any important documents they may need to report it so they don't get in trouble

  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

62 illegal to touch a mailbox? really? what if your hand mailing a letter. she wasn't takin their mail she was getting it for them. I do that whenever I babysit or take care of friends animals and they appreciate it.

I guess it depends how well you know them

  Biohazard41  |  0

when you buy a mail box, you don't own it. the goverment owns that mailbox, so when you buy on it's like your RENTING it. and if
you hand deliver a letter, you don't put it in the mail box, you put it under the door.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Agree with #1. They hired you to watch their kid, not get the mail. Although 4 is a little old to easily choke on food, it still could've happened. Or you could've gotten locked out... Bottom line: Watch the kid!

  bella_coza  |  0

wow I would NEVER let someone like you babysit my four year old're a complete idiot for leaving a child that age unsupervised. I hope to god you learn to take care of kids better before you have your own. take a fucking babysitting course before you try watching someone else's kid. EPIC FAIL!


People should catch up on the laws, as it's not illegal to "touch a mailbox". Damage it, yes, but it's perfectly legal to get the mail if your overseeing a residence (which in this case they were). it would, however, be a crime to open the mail without permission. On another note, you seriously didn't break a window to get in to the kid since you obviously had no intention of calling the parents....

  hannaaaahr  |  33

Jesus Christ OP deserves this, not just for leaving the kid alone, but also for not knowing how to handle a four year old, because she didn't call the parents or even ask the neighbours if they had a key. You really are the worst babysitter ever, what if the kid had harmed itself? you are a complete and utter moron.

  xhalighx  |  0

Seriously. The kid's four. How hard would it have been to carry it out with you to check the mail? However, I still vote FYL because you have to be a babysitter. Kids are demons. -.-