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  dasauto  |  0

it seems obvious what would have happened. he dunked, and grabbed onto the rim. when you grab on to the rim, you naturally swing forward towards the net. so, his mouth was open, he let go of the rim, and swung towards the net and his tooth got caught. sounds very possible to me.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Ydi for never visiting a dentist.
Any dentist would have filed down that giant tooth and done something about the (at least) inch- wide gap.


Ydi. Chipmunks, horses, and mice shouldnt play basketball.
Only dogs can.

  qzamml  |  0

wow ok. well i mean if you were FINALLY able to dunk that means you must BARELY be able to unless your arms are six inches long, i dont see how this is possible, because your head could not have been THAT close to the rim if you JUST started dunking...ALSO you should probably NOT stick your face near the net while dunking.

  puga29  |  0

48 just cuz u can't dunk doesn't mean people weren't meant to jump that high.... OP, props... I didn't know beavers could dunk. You musta jumped really high. Gratz.

  uke_master  |  0

I was thinking the same thing. He had to almost hit his head on the rim to get his tooth up to the net. So his arm is really short if you need to get that high. If your arms are that short you can't dunk.