By supermanxs1 - 09/03/2010 15:32 - United States

Today, I finally jumped high enough to dunk on the ten foot rim. I caught my tooth on the net and nearly pulled my tooth out. FML
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how does that even happen?

Nearly pulled your teeth out...? Well I guess that sucks... But uhm. At least you didn't?


fail for having big teeth.

WTF were u tryin to bite the net or sum sht. thts never happend to me durring a dunk :S

@9... unless for the OP it was a drunk dunk :-P

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do you have a huge mutant tooth that shoots 3 feet out of your mouth?

mshafty 0

OP must have one saggy lip! better tuck that in or say bye bye to all your teeth.

ydi, people aren't meant to jump that high

dude247 0

nearly broke your teeth doesn't mean you did

well uh... at least you dunked... right?

Congrats! First place for the dunk but FAIL for ripping out your teeth Mr. Ed. A horse is a horse of course of course.

it seems obvious what would have happened. he dunked, and grabbed onto the rim. when you grab on to the rim, you naturally swing forward towards the net. so, his mouth was open, he let go of the rim, and swung towards the net and his tooth got caught. sounds very possible to me.

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you must have a MAJOR gap tooth if you are catching it on a net. o___o

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Learning English apparently never happened to you either.

dudeitsdanny 9

Ydi for never visiting a dentist. Any dentist would have filed down that giant tooth and done something about the (at least) inch- wide gap. Or... Ydi. Chipmunks, horses, and mice shouldnt play basketball. Only dogs can.

ydi for being black haha jk i'm black

haha jk your not black you live in texas

White men can't jump... ..or dunk(;

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idk who wrote # 1 but WTF omfg that must hurt I got the chills

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wow ok. well i mean if you were FINALLY able to dunk that means you must BARELY be able to unless your arms are six inches long, i dont see how this is possible, because your head could not have been THAT close to the rim if you JUST started dunking...ALSO you should probably NOT stick your face near the net while dunking.

princess09 3

saggy lip? lmao .... but yea seriously how big are your teeth??

snaggletoooth :O

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Would have been hilarious to watch. xP

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agreed 131

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ha 20 dollars says number 116 isnt black but doesnt wna get chewed out by black people on the comments

that's how we do it in our neighborhood bitch!

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dude that's impossible, unless you have like a 2inch gap on your mouth... Like Tyreke Evans

@131. your yummy. ;)

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awww I sowy!

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That's what we call "going to the dentists" in my neighborhood xD

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fake and ******* gay

umm close ur mouth?

48 just cuz u can't dunk doesn't mean people weren't meant to jump that high.... OP, props... I didn't know beavers could dunk. You musta jumped really high. Gratz.

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hah #143-Thanks ;) id say more, but i should probably NOT flirt with people in regards to someones toothaches and misery though. =P

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in soviet Russia tooth pulls you out

Proceeded to almost pull ur tooth out wtf

how does that even happen?

He was singing, so when he got up there, his James Brown teeth got stuck in the net.

That sucks, but at least you got hops.

yea op got his head up to the net...he must have some really short arms if his first dunk required getting his head to the net haha

I was thinking the same thing. He had to almost hit his head on the rim to get his tooth up to the net. So his arm is really short if you need to get that high. If your arms are that short you can't dunk.

Nearly pulled your teeth out...? Well I guess that sucks... But uhm. At least you didn't?

so... your life is nearly ******?

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^ This.

keep your mouth closed last time.

you mean next time?

nah, that was probly the last time for mr. chipmunk

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Stick to dunking donuts.

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^^ Thats RIGHT!!

FYLDeep 25

Yeah, Thats white.

What a pun conversation.

you mean that conversation was punny =)

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This is why White people shouldn't jump... Haven't you seen the movie?

dudeitsdanny 9

Has either of you seen any good movies lately?

thats a great movie.Your just a hater....

dudeitsdanny 9

My just a hater... What? And that movie is so old I remember seeing it on TV at least 11 years ago. =P I'm 19 so i have no memory of it, lol.