By mizzleshizzle - 09/03/2010 18:42 - Canada

Today, I dropped my physics class because I thought I bombed the 50% second midterm test. I got my results an hour after dropping online. I finished with an 83. I can't get back into the course. FML
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You really need to check first before you do something like that. That's 101% your fault, Y completely DI.

How is this in the love category? Also YDI.


Why didn't you check what you got before dropping? Just because you "thought" you bombed it doesn't necessarily mean you did. This has "YDI" written all over it.

it doesn't suck why wouldn't you wait til you knee your grade for sure before dropping

congratz you dumbassed yourself out of a good grade...

You sir are an idiot for jumping the gun... but don't worry, since obviously you are retarded you won't graduate anyway.

You're giving the op a "stupid hoe"? How very thoughtful.

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Are you retarded? Never assume anything unless you know for sure! I cant beleive you did something so dumb. Its retards like you that screw up the world.

Nope the OP was right. He clearly isn't smart enough to be in a physics class.

Agree with #5. Was there a deadline on when you could drop? Otherwise, I cannot understand why you didn't wait. Quitters never win. To assume is to make an ass out of u and...well, just you I guess. YDI

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when you assume you make an ass out of u and me

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just say you didn't drop it and say someone else must have did it, I mean of it was online how can they prove it was you?

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It's safe to say that the drop date was BEFORE he got the results for the test. Even if he got the results the same day, it could have gotten the results at night AFTER the office closed a 5pm or whenever is closes. My question is how do you think you bomb a test and then get an 83? Was there some type of massive curve. It's happened to me where I bombed a test, but I knew everyone did bad and I knew the teacher gave curves so I didn't worry about the grade. Try begging the teacher and the school to let you 'undrop'... it's worth a shot.

You can get back into the class. Just go to your registrar and tell them you have no idea how you were dropped from the course. etc etc. You just have to lie a little. Stop being so dumb and get back into the class.

haha no kidding that's exactly what I thought when I read this!!!!! all I have to say is DUMB ASS

okay. there is this thing called patience. you should try using it sometime op.

@31 actually it's scientifically proven that a college chick is more likely to give head then one who didn't go to college.

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OP ur a ******* dumbass retard

83 is terrible. You did yourself a favor

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Canadians aren't stupid at all. Your forefathers came from England too, so if you say Canadians are stupid, than your saying Americans are just as stupid..

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Yeah but inbreeding makes you stupid even if your dad and his sister were both smart

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Sucks man. You have to be completely sure before you do things that severe haha. I regret dropping ANY class. Just try and stick it through. I'm taking Physics next semester.

I didn't check because there was a drop deadline

I took a picture exactly like that! But mine shows more of the guitar.

you deserve it for not waiting for the results.

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People with low self confidence. I often think I failed tests or assignments when I actually received a good mark.

How is this in the love category? Also YDI.

Because they loved their physics class. *Nodnod.*

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;l I hope NO ONE joins, post your spam somewhere else.

/ huh?? More often than not acting on assumptions turns out for the worst. fyl op=[

maybe he forgot to check of the proper category. he did after all post about his stupid decision

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cause he loves himself so much he thought he "bombed" the test

You really need to check first before you do something like that. That's 101% your fault, Y completely DI.

Agreed. Why would anyone just drop a course when they don't know FOR SURE what the result was? Idiot...

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At first, I read this FML and thought they DI. But then I remembered that second midterms usually coincide with the final drop date for any subject. They may have not had the chance to drop their class after they figured out the results, in which case they would be stuck with whatever grade they got. this happened to one of my friends but they managed to talk to their professor and get their exam score a few hours before deadline. o_O

My inner nerd is crushing on your pic right now <3

you would have had to take te course again anyway so why the hell would you drop it?? that's just silly

Because a W is better than an F on your trabscript

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you totally deserved it. you need to think about what you do before you do it. YDI.

ouch that sucks, patience is a virtue

Especially when you only have to be patient for an hour.

YDIU for kneww-jerk reaction. also for being a dumbass

Maybe you should have waited for the results. That's what I did my past quarter.

Monika... I hate when comments don't show up where they are supposed to :-( @ucla_cupcake- some classes handle grades different than others... one of my classes this semester I know 80% of my final grade by late drop time but another I only know half my final grade

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@82, I know! Their comment was deleted and so mine just kind of acted like a leech and grabbed the nearest person I suppose. -sigh- Oh well, I stand by my message. Haha. :)

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heh, yeah Ucla_cupcake, but think about how over here we only have until sixth week and so are at the mercy of our (oft slow) profs.