Smooth moves

By ouch - 25/03/2010 08:00 - United States

Today, while having sex, I tried to kick the blanket over my feet and kneed myself in the face. FML
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the_boob 0

I must've missed a few pages in the Kama Sutra =

sex has always seemed the stage of life's life greatest blunders


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BrookeTrueblood 0

I second this ^^

bet that was a kick in the teeth

bettadenne1 0

haha faill 

thats impossible, unless you mean masturbating when you say having sex...

after that I guess she got drumroll COLD FEET

You_Just_Failed, you just failed. Would you say, "I ate an orange," if you meant, "I ate an apple?"

that is impossible unless this "sex" is solo.

hahah u were on ur back!!

joserme 0

YDI for have'n feet

always practice safe solo sex.

um who said this was a guy? none of you guys know for sure.


Monikabug 9

The OP is a FEMALE. ._.

Jones30 0

no it isn't if it's missionary and the chick kicked it over it's possible it's called being flexible but good thing Americas getting fat and there is no such thing as flexibilty anymore

suck it up and finish up.

Rofl OP is female.

if I had been the dude when this happened I wouldve fell of the bed laughing so hard. idk if that's bad or good : P

Daerauko 0

it happened to me the other week. normally the door I opened was stiff, but one week the the springhinge to close the door was broken on one side so it just flew open! of course I didn't hit myself with the door

69 did you happen to submit a fml today ?

Kr3tS22 0

I agree with number 10^^^ way up there , if she's that clumsy, there's no way she's gettin any

NotMeh 0

lol @47

yeah I don't see what position that would be possible

megamandude455 10

how the hell did you knee yourself in the face? DURING sex? were you faceup? cause then that makes sense...

Why did OP have to add that they were having sex?

sex has always seemed the stage of life's life greatest blunders


iamchuck 0

What position does that happen in?

FYLDeep 25

Should have used your tail instead.

trying to get the mental image of how this can happen ... hmmm were you with a midget? oops, I meant little person

I can't imagine this either lol

killerviral 0

I Can imagine this how come I'm the only one that can


that's what happens when you try to go down on yourself

that was my other potential answer, but I in no way wanted to get that mental image

well it's too late for that huh? and X( grosss

dumbas. I give this a 100 out 10. lol. retard


Your so smart **Claps**

damn girl^^

Why, what did she do?

Sarcasm doesn't work on the Internet. Oh and it's you're. (:

I must be stupid because I do not understand how this happens

retarded much? how embarassing for you.