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By GabsAlot829 - 21/07/2009 22:17 - United States

Today, I babysat the most annoying and obnoxious kids for almost eight hours, when the parents assured me that they would only be gone about three or so hours. After constant calling and worrying, they finally showed up at 11:30, completely drunk. The mother paid me with three dollars and a banana. FML
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FYL for babysitting Donkey Kong's kids.

Punch her in the face, and smear the banana in her eyes before you take her wallet.


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MrGlad 0

You're taking that shit? You could do something unresponable, like paying yourself if you know what I mean...or maybe just come back later and explain to them how you got paid. Even if their on a hangover, they'll understand the trouble they gave you and pay you extra.

Manpersonguythin 0

WELL GEE. I WONDER WHY THE KIDS ARE SO AWFUL. I hate irresponsible parents. They're gonna end up just like the parents.

haha. tht suxxx soooooo bad. my mom used to pay my sisters , brothers, and my babysiter 20an hour. wen they were drunk wen they came home they ususally payed them more not less

I wouldn't have left without more money. It is really is a FYL for being stupid enough to accept 3 bux and a banana.

i was about to write the exact same thing, you deserve it if you would accept that!

Punch her in the face, and smear the banana in her eyes before you take her wallet.

Oh DrAwesome, that was awesome. GUESS THAT'S WHY THAT'S YOUR NAME... As for the OP: Sucks. Sucks bad. No wonder the kids are obnoxious. But hey, if this happens often, you can get good child-raising skills from it and whip their kids into shape.

 rofl. you need to go back there and jam that banana up her ass and demand your money.

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the next morning go back and recieve the rest of your money

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I wouldnt stand for that tbh. FYL for recieving a banana?

oh what the hell, i didn't respond to this post. Oh well.

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Aweeee! FYL. I bet you got home, told your parents and they gave you some money, and called them to scold at and you would know never to baby sit there again(: at least I know my mommy would of done that for me.

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prettykitty123 0

um wow... what else does your MOMMY do for you? Hold your hand, spoon feed you mushed up carrots, read you a book and tuck you into bed? Not everyone out there has their mommy or daddy to go running to anytime they get screwed over out in the real world. And why should your mom give you money? You did a job for someone else, not her.