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By Anonymous - 05/09/2021 02:01

Today, I babysat the neighbors’ evil kids. They dropped them over at my house and I played with them for five hours. After taking the brats back home and putting them to bed, their mother asked me what time I came back to the house. She only paid me for the 20 minutes I was in their house. FML
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don't babysit for them again, cut your loses and tell everyone.


don't babysit for them again, cut your loses and tell everyone.

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Facebook is good for that if you have a community page

Wait, what?!? That literally makes no sense.

What she didn't charge you for playing with her evil kids? You lucked out! I'll bet you didn't even put them to good use. With evil kids, you could summon demons, cast curses and make poisons to eradicate your enemies.

Or simply scheme to take over the world. Finding good minions is such a hassle nowadays. Most evil people are easy to identify, what with their red hats and other related paraphernalia. Problem is, they're dumb as bricks. Those kids on the other hand are probably evil AND smart!

She's probably just stressed out and/or economically challenged. Maybe, very gently, talk with her about how you interpreted the babysitting arrangement and see if you can come to a productive mutual agreement.

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No, the OP provided a service for which they need to be paid. You wouldn't expect a mechanic to work on your car and not get paid

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I was going to say, "Tell her she's a stupid bish and tell her to eff off, that you'll never babysit for her again, and that you're going to tell everyone you know what a cheap azz bish she is," but others have said it much more diplomatically. And if, by chance, it was the spouse's idea, change she to them.

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Discuss rates first in text messages. Preferably not in a app that someone can delete the messages. If they fail to pay then small claims court.