By Rose - 15/06/2012 05:54 - United States - Tenino

Today, I was at the mall with my friend. A lady came up to us and told my friend that she could be a model. Then the lady looked at me and said, "Oh... Nice shoes." FML
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KaelaKhaotic 5

Don't worry about it! You could always be a shoe model!

Well your friend obviously didn't have nice shoes then.


yoursucklives 36

she shouldn't have said anything at all

yoursucklives 36

oh thanks 11. i really like them too! and that's the first time that i got a compliment about my shoes!

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#1 is right. In this case, saying something was ruder than just smiling at you and walking away

No problem #13! Where'd you get them from?

If she said nothing at all, the fml would read "today a woman came up to my friend and told her she could be a model, ignoring me completely, fml". I'm sure the woman was just attempting to be nice, give her a break.

KaelaKhaotic 5

Don't worry about it! You could always be a shoe model!

Foot fetish alert: Here comes Glen Quagmire!

I say it is your fault. Thise shoes OBVOUISLY took away from your face! Doi! ;)

Ah! Don't mind her OP! She's just a random stranger, and she doesn't even KNOW you! You shouldn't let this problem bother you at all!

hockeyoceancity 13

I can't take you serious your profile picture is funny as hell hahaha.

*looks at profile... doesn't find it that funny

^ I don't even like Pokémon that much and I love that picture.

Sounds like 39 is the person who took my last jalebi.

3 - I completely agree. If you go thru life focusing on negative situations/moments, you're going to have low self esteem, all from you allowing strangers to tell you how to feel about yourself! Just focus on the beautiful things about you that those strangers will never have the pleasure of knowing! If I were you, I would have laughed it off and said I'm interested in hand modeling anyways.

you dont have to know someone to know if theyre ugly

Were they nice shoes though? Or was she just searching for something to be nice about?

golfman717 0

There is always a bitter sweet side, she could have called you a fat ass ugly bitch like someone told my sister...

Girl, you can be a model too. I hope she didn't bring you down!

FMLshark 12

Unfortunately, not everyone can be a model. For all we know, OP may not have the "model material", but that was a bit rude of that woman to have said anything to begin with.

Well your friend obviously didn't have nice shoes then.

Take the compliment and go with it! At least she said something nice.

youjustmademelol 4

He never said you were ugly she just doesn't think you look too modelish... You can be pretty and not look like a model. Like if you had brown eyes and are not completely skinny and are not very tall and have a little acne it does not mean your ugly it means your just not an anorexic tan pretty eyed 7 foot perfect haired girl, not everyone looks like a model. Don't let a random stranger get you down.

Hate it when that happens a guy hit on my friend and it was just me and her out at a club, he said I had nice eyes so I wouldn't feel left out, we were in a club, and i wear glasses! how do you see someone's eyes properly!!

FMLshark 12

Unless they were sunglasses, honestly, how do you NOT see someone's eyes when they wear glasses? It's practically a picture frame for them.

Aspen_Grace33 27

Well most eyeglasses I've seen are quite clear, so I'm thinking pretty easily?

In a very dark nightclub.....? Yeah I can always see people's eyes very well.... It's harder to see people's eyes properly when they wear glasses.

I have glasses. You can see my eyes clear as day. I wear colored contacts sometimes under my glasses and people still notice.

So, you're upset because like... every other time girls go to a club, one hits on one's friend but this one complimented your eyes? Am I missing the problem?