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By kristajoy2001 - 01/09/2019 00:02

Today, my boyfriend and I were having sex. All of the sudden, he whispered in my ear, "Do you want to hear a Minecraft joke?" FML
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"Is it funnier than the joke you're ******* me with?"

If he doesn't have the craft & skills to satisfy OP's "mine," then he's the joke....

Dude sounds like a Creeper. I mean keeper!

TxKitten79 10

Omg that's really funny. If you can't laugh during sex then either you're too uptight or you're with the wrong person. Not long ago my Husband made me watch a horrible comedy/horror called Thankskilling. There is a line in there that was funny. So a few nights later we were going at it, and I was giving him a BJ. The line popped into my head and I started giggling. So Husband chuckles and says, "What?" I pull off enough to look up at Him and say, "Gobble gobble motherfu**er." We both just lost it. We had a great laugh, and eventually got back to business. Point being, sometimes ya just gotta tell jokes during sex. And it's a good thing when you feel comfortable enough with your partner to do it.

WeirdUS 29

Not everyone who doesn't is "up tight". For some it kills the mood some find it a turn on some don't. There is a time and place for everything. Learning when it works and when it doesn't is part of being funny and also part of being an adult. What works for you and those around you.

TxKitten79 10

I read your comment to my husband. He told me to tell you he's giving you the "you're an idiot and have broken my brain" look.

"Do you know what's worse than hearing a Minecraft joke right now? Hearing my BOYFRIEND....joke."