By FailMan - 17/01/2009 13:15 - United States

Today, I was walking with my girlfriend, when she walked ahead of me cat-walk style, turned around and said, "Do you think I could model?" I blurted out, "Yes... for a plus-size clothing line." FML
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The correct answer is either "Yes." Or "No, you're not built like a 12 yo boy."


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new word- er words... stupid heartless bitchface who deserves to go rot someplace. f your girlfriends life you moron.

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I hope she beat you senseless.

Why? Maybe she really is plus sized....

It's not a fail if she actually is big enough to be classified as a plus size model, and also if she didnt like it her fault for asking, at least he was truthful(hopefully)

Lol im looking at the comments right now and whoever says op is an asshole is probably a fatty

Wait, what is wrong with what he said? If she's not skinny enough for regular modeling, then oh well. They are all size 0's. Nothing to be ashamed off. There are a lot of hot plus size models, and thick girls are the new thing nowadays. I applaud OP for being honest with his girlfriend! As long as she's healthy and doesn't have a fat gut, then I don't see anything wrong with what he said or what she looks like. She should be flattered. Not many girls get told they can model!

I thought I lived for failure, this guy exists as failure incarnate. Even if she was plus sized, I really dont think the extra size was neccesary.

you obviously like getting beats from fat girls, you sick ****

Wow. That is really funny, yet really terrible. Nice work.

wow. i hope this is an FML because she won't be with you anymore. sigh or not....but seriously???? you. fail.

The correct answer is either "Yes." Or "No, you're not built like a 12 yo boy."

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#56 Not everybody needs that kind of cringe in their life in order to feel validated

I want to be one of Santa's reindeers. Mind. Get to work.

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yeah i hope you got a good slap in the face!

"Today, I was acting flirty around my boyfriend and asked if I should model. He said, 'Yes, for a plus-sized clothing line. FML" are a prince. Your gf is a lucky lucky girl