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  FMLshark  |  12

Ah, the excitement that overpowers FML users and somehow forces them to make stupid, thoughtless comments that take little to no effort to be creative, funny or informative.
As for you, OP, I'm sorry about your burning lady parts. Wash it off with some Tabasco-- er, water. Nice, clean water.


Me and the shark are in agreement here. No one can stop us now, except DocBastard possibly. But he is busy excavating rectums for foreign objects and other surgeon-isk activities. *Evil laugh, then snicker, then quiet chuckle, then back to laugh*


25-Read my profile. The horror!

FMLShark: We're still suffering casualties? Damn, I was hoping the funeral yesterday would be the last for a while. Looks like we're gonna need to start digging mass graves.

  agm77  |  9

68- They have flu shots for pregnant women now! I got one when I was pregnant and I was the only one in my whole family who didn't get sick (besides morning sickness, of course).

  KM96  |  24

Well, vix is very strong, like nail polish and how you can still taste it on your hands after washing thoroughly. This is the same sort of scenario. Except, it's not the painful taste ...

  riax  |  9

if it's that strong then isnt there more reason to wash your hands after handling the vix, and less reason to forget? I don't understand why ppl are thumbing 5 down, she definitely has a point!

  Kajol123  |  5

Oh come on, is that all? "Um, Ouch" is such a bland could've used the effort to comment with a little more zeal. The FML's are fun to read, but so should be the comments.

  what_ever2007  |  11

Same here, 124, I even got thumbed down for laughing at someone else's joke that got rated up!
Who knows -- I wouldn't take the negative ratings too seriously; some of them just don't make sense!