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By NotASize0 - 04/04/2013 15:12 - Denmark

Today, while shopping for a birthday present for my size 0 friend, I picked out a pair of pants for her. When paying, the cashier looked me up and down and said, "Well, you're pretty optimistic aren't you?" FML
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stevenJB 25

Ah, whatever happened to "I'll shut the hell up and do my job" (⌒-⌒; ) ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

kevinnicki4life 9

That sucks OP. Some people truly need a filter.


stevenJB 25

Ah, whatever happened to "I'll shut the hell up and do my job" (⌒-⌒; ) ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

IKR. Even if I'm buying stuff from an electronics section that seems childish (and I have a beard), the cashier either makes small talk or says nothing. So... wtf is wrong with this person.

twaumat 28

if the cashier sees, on a daily basis, a lot of people buying smaller sized pants than what they can fit in, I'd be annoyed by it. but still cashier should have kept their mouth shut.

TwiztedYuri 9

I love it when people say crap like that to me. cause I always speak my mind unless I'm at work... and I don't give a f@$k about what people think of me. and as I read OP's post the reply in my head was atleast I'm looking forward to something

kyu_Q 19

Soooo it's now outrageous to be in a store buying something for someone else or your child? People can only get items for themselves got it. Either shut up and make change or try to upsell. " these are great, we have some great corsets as well"

crazytwinsmom 25

A waitress at a high end restaurant made a crack about me wolfing down an extra something. She was at least 40 years old so she was old enough to know better. I contacted the mgr the next day. He was very apologetic.

MeowZebraMeow 7

58 - Why would it bother you if people purchase clothes that are too small? They're not modeling them for you, so what's it to you?

I think th cashier may see too many returns >_> Just wave it off and say "they're not for me" and see their apologies

9lashes 15

i agree with 89. 58 its none of your business what people do with their money and even if you THINK they cant fit into it you shouldnt be rude and put them down.

58 was saying that she would keep her mouth shut. She would be annoyed but wouldn't have said anything. Are people no longer entitled to their own private thoughts?

when i bought pants for my size 00 friend, the cashier snickered. i'm a size 10/12 so obviously they were not for me. they just don't understand how someone could possibly be buying something for someone else. its just so crazy right?

kevinnicki4life 9

That sucks OP. Some people truly need a filter.

\ 28

I guess working some jobs for too long can really drain/inflate your ego. Hence the frequent FMLs referring to employee's snide remarks.

I don't know if it's that, or just the current trend of everyone having sass and making other people feel like shit. The cashier should be fired.

But that doesn't make it right. I have been working with people for almost 10 years in fast good and retail. I have my days where I'm drained, moody, etc. however I do not say rude things to customers because I don't want to make people feel or lose my job. That girl should definitely be fired.

TheDrifter 23

To be fair, watching fat rolls ooze out of the pants of people that insist on wedging themselves into skinny jeans two sizes too small is pretty nauseating. I'd say something too, in hopes of saving someone else that horror, but maybe that's why I don't get to deal with humans at work.

If you literally feel nauseous looking at somebody's body, that's your problem, not theirs. Nobody owes it to you to live up to your aesthetic standards.

It's always the cashiers or grandmas. -___-

99 - yeah but appropriate clothing for your build and type is a common courtesy and social contract. Who needs to see a guy in Lycra with his equipment outlined or a morbidly obese person wearing painted on clothing looking like a busted can of biscuits

"Busted can of biscuits" is now my new favorite analogy for fat people in tight clothes.

summerguy97 16

She shouldn't worry about herself. Most men don't like 'em skinny (as most women think) but with a little more substance.

Damian95 16

Some people really need to think before they speak. On average it will make one out of one more people look less like a jackass.

Seriously, making remarks about stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with her, and jumping the gun by assuming OP will wear that, guess she isn't the sharpest pencil in the box

But hey she needs a Brita filter for her mouth.

That's what happens when someone makes assumptions.

People make assumptions much too often. I'm a size 4, but it being my mom's birthday, I went to buy a size 8 blouse for her. The saleswoman looked at me was like "That's not your size. Get a smaller one." Umm.. No, b*** this isn't for me. So OP, people make silly assumptions, just ignore them. There's nothing wrong with being bigger than size 0 ;)

Who's the real loser here? She's the one who works in retail.

That's pretty rude. Retail is shitty work and there's no doubting that. However, there are many people doing it because it's a job that needs to be done. They are not lesser people because they're willing to do a job that everyone knows sucks.

That's pretty rude. Retail is crappy work and there's no doubting that. However, there are many people doing it because it's a job that needs to be done. They are not lesser people because they're willing to do a job that everyone knows sucks.

I like you have a swearing and non swearing version

Xatraris 38

Working retail does not make her a loser. The fact she is making snide comments definitely does. I work grocery, and yeah, it sucks. However, I would never make rude comments to a customer. There goes my job, and then good luck getting another after that.

Yeah, that's great. If everyone who worked in retail suddenly quit who the **** would serve entitled knob ends like you their triple whip half caf caramel diabetes in a cup? Working in retail does NOT make you a loser. Retail is by FAR the most demanding, most demeaning work I've ever done for a pittance. Those people need medals, for the most part. In other news FYL OP that bitch needs a slap.

mzdaisylynn 12

if it was not for "losers" like her, you would not have clothes or food. So...

mansen 15

nice that you are so high and mighty. Do you treat ppl who workin retail just like how you think of working in retail? it is a job. a job that pays bills and rent etc. It can be a crappy job, but sometimes you just do what you have to until a better opportunity comes up. Also, without retail workers, just who would sell you your clothing, groceries, etc? Wake up to reality.

You all are probably just saying this because you work in retail. Was I saying all people in retail are losers? No. But I'm saying that if you work in retail and you make rude comments like that then you are a loser who hates their shitty job

Am I supposed to gaf what you think ? No. And I love how you are pretty much defending the rude bitch who called OP fat and getting mad at me

You're such an asshole. I manage a retail store, and while it may not be what I wanna do long term god knows I ******* work hard enough. I'd rather work in retail than be a douchebag like you.

and going by the number of likes, it's the swearing version people prefer

No, 101, the wording of your comment made it sound like you were calling anyone who works in retail a loser. If you've never worked a retail position, then you shouldn't make any generalizations about people who have. It IS degrading work, and they have to put up with self-entitled assholes all day for very little pay. Mind you, I'm not defending the cashier in this story. The reason OP was buying the clothes was none of their business, and they should have kept their mouth shut. My point is that if you're going to generalize, then there will be backlash. If you wanted to make the point you tried to backtrack to in your second comment, then you should have made that point in the first place.

mansen 15

Your defense for initially putting down all people who work in retail, and getting internet slapped for it; is to tantrum with we all probably work in retail? I have to say, the intelligence factor for your comebacks ranks below that of my 5 year old. No I am not defending the cashier, what she did was outright rude, unprofessional and immature. Just like your initial comment. What we were responding to for you, is to let you know that many different types of people work in retsil for different reasons, not just 'losers', and it can be a brutal job. I have worked many customer service jobs simply because rent and tuition had to be paid. I am lucky enough now to just be able to concentrate on my degrees without having to work. But, I do give respect to and treat people in customer service positions as humans and my equal. There are those who are horrible at their job, but that is with any field and profession, those people you deal with on the levels you have to. So grow up and step outside your closed little mind before painting everyone with your broad brush and opening your mouth.

Well maybe if you would have gotten an actual education and paid attention in school you wouldn't have this problem.

Oh I am SO sorry I will be absolutely sure to make that more clear next time. Just for all of you assholes

Ever heard of people taking any job they can to pay for college? And yes, most people I know paying for their school work in retail. Tell you what. Why don't you let us know what it's like having such a charmed life? If only we could all be so perfect!

Or you could just forget about "Us assholes" and forget about being thumbed down. It's FML it happens to everyone, honestly you're just instigating it now that you keep commenting. @ Shadawnnn

I'm assuming this woman was older and it was her daily job because she obviously wasn't even smart enough to get in college. If you're in retail to pay for college, that's a totally different story and I completely understand.

JoeGrant 12

You should have said, "it's none of your ******* business." and walked out.

Don't forget the fists thrust in the air!

Everyone's got an opinion. Sure, you have the right to your opinion, but you'd better be prepared for the consequences once you express it. Tact, ************ -- do you use it?!

Did you take the high road and say something like "I'm getting this for my friend, but thanks for ruining my day"?

Correct response: "shut up and do your job, it's a present".

Steve95401 49

The sales clerk was probably a "plus size" herself.

And who says OP was even plus-sized? Size 0 is much more skinny than normal.