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Today, I had an anxiety attack when I learned that my favorite book series is coming to the end. I had to leave the store and sit in my car. FML
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What book was it?! I know that feeling as it sucks so much.

MissSticks 21

This has happened to me before... Except I didn't have a car :P I still have mild anxiety when I think about the fact that Harry Potter is ove- Excuse me... *Hyperventilates*


What book was it?! I know that feeling as it sucks so much.

Misskreher 30

I was thinking the same exact thing #31 #17 #33

Tunnels, perhaps. Makes me sad just thinking about it.

Djmaxn 13

I'm thinking the Heroes of Olympus. The continuation of the Percy Jackson books? It ends next year. Not gonna lie, I cried a bit.

There's a book after it called blood of Olympus that comes out in about a year and a half. Which is the last Percy Jackson series

I know exactly how that feels, being a book addict, I have to admit it sucks! That has happened to me several times as well, I feel for you OP. :/

josiemorehouse 12

What?!?!? Divergent is ending the series?!? It was only a trilogy!!! Noooooo!!! That is like EL James never writing another 50 Shades book, it brings tears to my eyes!!! Lazy authors, get back to work!!! I need something great to read!!!

Rosebudx 32

First, 99, if you need something great to read try something other than 50 Shades of Crapola. Second, authors who write only for money, or for "work", typically produce lesser works. Writing is an art, not a task to be checked off a list. Go to your library or something.

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Oh sorry I didn't read that well enough I didn't see it was anxiety and I didn't really think that sometimes that does suck when things you really like come to an end.. I guess it's time to move on OP

Many series that I've really enjoyed have ended, and I was a little sad, but I think OP really overreacted. It's just a book series.

I hate when people say "just" regarding someone else's interests. Just because you don't love it with the passion they do, doesn't mean they don't or shouldn't. God, if my LARP came to an end I'd spend the next few months in the fetal position rocking back and forth forlornly.

Just because you don't get emotional about things doesn't mean other people can't. I still cry whenever I read the 6th Harry Potter. Every single time. I was ridiculously upset when it ended. My other two favorite book series' are coming to an end soon, and I'm dreading it because I'm going to be a useless ball of tears when they're over.

Never underestimate the effects that a book can have on a fangirl.

shadowedpixie 19

It's ok, I have done that too! I can't count the number of breakdowns I've had over book series...

Me too! When i heard the Twilight series was ending in cried out of happiness.

At least op reads books, the number of people that still go to book stores and read is dwindling these days...

Sadly as a student I can't really afford books from a dedicated bookstore, so I stick to thrift stores, used bookstores, and deals online. and many people would rather have ebooks. so its no wonder all the book stores are closing.

TheCaramelKing 11

Yeah I was the same when my favorite book series ended... Who am I kidding? I don't read.

I don't read so much, I don't even know how to read! Somehow I am able to type, however...

Shrouds 14

I can't type well because I can't read. :(

I work at a book store, and believe me, one employee will always stumble upon the person hyperventilating with a new hard cover in their hands and looking absolutely panicked. Especially on Tuesdays when all of the new books for the week come out.

I've worked in a bookstore a few years ago. I can attest to this.

MissSticks 21

This has happened to me before... Except I didn't have a car :P I still have mild anxiety when I think about the fact that Harry Potter is ove- Excuse me... *Hyperventilates*

I don't really understand people having anxiety attacks over things like this, not that I find it stupid or anything, I just literally don't know how people get so worked up over an ending.

falon142012 22

It's because when some people read, they form a really deep connection to the characters. I know that's how it is for me. I feel like I'm IN the world of the book I'm reading. So when it's over, or someone dies, it hurts. It's a loss you feel and you can't explain to somebody who doesn't read.

Thanks the reply without hate. I guess I understand a little more.

books can do so much more to humans than video games and movies

Mister_Triangle 21

I disagree immensely. No medium is any more capable than another in the hands of a gifted storyteller. A healthy balance of all things brings perspective and understanding. Only reading is no better than never reading.

bnutzinger 11

Well Books, Movies, Paintings, Videogames, Music or any other form of art a quite different in how they convey meaning and emotion. I would not say that any form is superior or inferior to another. It depends on what and how it's said and it depends on who is "listening". Music for example does next to nothing for me. That doesn't make it better or worse as a form of art. Just not the right medium for me.

DalyaTheTurtle 6

Try telling that to Mass Effect fans after 6 years those pixels start to feel like family

10 - Not really. The Walking Dead by Telltale Games tells a truly fantastic and emotional story, one of the best I've seen. That's just one example. One medium isn't inherently better than another.

I'm a "stay up all night to finish this book, regardless of what needs to be done tomorrow" kind of reader, and no book has ever gotten me near as emotional as Angel Beats (an anime).

74, I am glad someone else feels the same about Angel Beats!. The story is so moving, only that the story of Ninja (a cat, its horribly sad) can get me too tears just thinking about it.

i want to correct myself. you guys were right. beyond two souls, the walking dead, assassins creed, mass effect are some goddam amazing games/tv series. i wasnt thinking about them when i wrote the comment

bnutzinger 11

I know it sucks when a series that you likes comes to an end. I know the feeling. But an anxiety attack is definately an overreation.

People don't choose when to have an anxiety attack.. It's not like OP thought "I feel like having an anxiety attack today, I'll go out and put myself in a situation where I know I'll be upset and then I'll make myself have an anxiety attack" no.. It's not a choice at all, no one can help having one and yes to some people it might be an over reaction for that certain situation but for some people it certainly is not. A lot of people have a special connection with certain book/tv/movie series. If you think it's an over reaction, ok. But it's not like OP chose to have an anxiety attack