By Anonymous - 22/03/2013 19:15 - Italy - Catanzaro

Today, while shaving my nether regions, I slipped and sliced myself in three separate places. They won't completely stop bleeding. I'm virtually having a second period, and it hurts to close my legs. FML
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Just reading that made me cringe. FYL, op.

Because one period at a time just isn't enough.


A wet rag and bag of ice sounds like your new best friend.

Actually your best friend from now on should be some good old fashion hair removal cream and or wax. You don't want any more damaged goods.

Don't take any asparin or drink alcohol, that thins your blood and the bleeding takes even longer to stop. Learned that trick in a John Irving novel.

Just keep those legs open. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Though not all can tolerate wax and accidentally get hair removal cream on a too sensitive spot of skin, even a tiny drop, you get a chemical burn and it would still hurt to close your legs.

1, I read bag of rice instead of ice, I was like "what the hell would rice do!?" lol

😂😂 It's a ****** not a phone 😂😂😂

Just reading that made me cringe. FYL, op.

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It's happened to me before too..

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Now now, lets not judge each other 15 lest your BEAUTIFUL self be judged in turn...

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15- something tells me you're a little new here -.-

Perhaps I should clarify... men do that sort of grooming too. Some of nature's 'forests' need to be cut down. :-)

Because one period at a time just isn't enough.

I just died on the inside reading that. Hope you get better soon OP!

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They make a "no bleed" stick. Its on the same aisle as the razors....for people who just aren't careful enough sometimes.

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Haha I see what you did there ;)

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The fact she was shaving probaby indicates her legs werent going to be closed anyway. I guess she lucked out but yah that sucks.

Ouch you should probably call and tell your mom about it to get some help.

Or maybe OP isn't 14 and can take care of herself...

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And yet she's bleeding between her legs. Unnaturally.

How did you manage to cut yourself THREE times?! Were you shaving with a machete? FYL.

Three blade razor maybe? If it slipped horizontally, that could easily happen. Painful as hell still either way.

Oh man, reading that made me cringe.

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that 5 blade little slip with that thing and oh god...weirdest looking cut (s) ever or suddenly a chunk of you is missing that you are now screaming over.

I'm a guy, but I still covered my crotch after reading that... I hope it heals soon, OP!