By waj9876 - 09/09/2011 00:34 - United States

Today, my girlfriend told me she knows I've been cheating on her, and is desperate to prove she's "better than that other slut, or it's over between us." I've been pushed down and forcefully kissed ten times now. All because she saw a pic online of me kissing a girl. It was her. FML
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I believe, good sir, that you should shut up and enjoy it.

LOL! you should be glad for the kisses.


LOL! you should be glad for the kisses.

Not really since his girlfriend is insane

you're honestly dating an idiot.

yes i think we can all agree your gf is insane... but use it too your advantage man... cheat on her for real, then take a pic of you getting a bj.... she will be gagging for it

True thing, though she is a little bit strange for not seeing it's her xD

Well I say just get room where it's just you and her, so you guys can do the halalala and then tell her that the girl in the pic. was her.

I say tell her the other chick does more than just kisses. :-) win for you 1 point for dopest make up sex ever.

Yep, she's blond alright.

Everyone is saying this girl is stupid, but what's really going on is she isn't happy with the sex and wants to try things more rough. She's totally using this to her advantage.

That seems extremely far fetched...

75: And your a stereotypical idiot.

87- learn to take a joke. Blonde jokes are funny. I'm blonde and I tell more blonde jokes than anyone I know. Lighten up.

I love when girls do that :D

Looks like she's been pushed down and hit her head 10 times.

Looks like the doctor needs to up her meds!

Oh no I'm getting love, affection, and ( im assuming here) sex! Save me god please!

he should just take the crazy sex coming.

I heard crazy chicks make the best sex.

Aww, that's cute :) be happy you get kisses :*

Psychotic is the new cute.

Yea, either she is trying to spice things up by pretending (a plus), or really thinks that the best way to treat a guy who's cheating is to throw herself onto him (might be a plus but...definitely psychotic)

I believe, good sir, that you should shut up and enjoy it.

holy shit! lol that was fucking hilarious! lmao

Only kisses? Time to start dropping hints my friend

...but...but...but honey, its the head that I love so much!

lol, I'm sure you love it

whatta psycho b___ch . o____O'

Yea get rid of her before she goes on a jealousy rage and tries to kill you

She's just paranoid borderline psychotic. No big deal.

"That's not me! That slut's ass is huge!"

That sounds amazing....

She needs new glasses......or lay off the drugs