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Today, I went to my favorite drive-in burger joint for dinner. As I was nearing the end of my burger, I grabbed a cup from the cup holder that I thought was filled with soda. Instead, I got a mouthful of dip spit that a friend left in my car. FML
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Dip spit smells terrible. You should have noticed.

I think I threw up a little in my mouth... that sucks!


Dip spit smells terrible. You should have noticed.

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welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burgers, can I take ya order!? ;D

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Dip... You can't find that flavor anymore consider your self lucky

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Thats why I don't let my friends do that shit in my car.

Nasty! Throw his dip spit cup in his face. Then brush your teeth..

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It smell just like it taste...delicious.

47- You profile picture really fits your comment. XD

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24 - you can, clearly. Just ask any redneck to spit into an empty 20oz. Mountain Dew bottle (label peeled off, of course) and there you have it. Refreshing mint Skoal saliva. 47 - Adventuretime is awesome

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What kind of dip was it? I hope sweet and sour sauce maybe BBQ?

My 5-yr old nephew did this once, though it was a Pepsi can. You thought there was projectile vomiting in The Exorcist? Kiddos don't sniff before they sip. If you gotta dip, fine, go for it. Just get rid of your spit cans after, for the love of all that's holy!

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67 Sorry rednecks are endangered where I live... I got mexicans?? Does that work... Side adventure time!!!

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That's why you don't spit in anything That isn't clear or had coffee, root beer or coke in it. Also putting a napkin in the spitter absorbs it. Tell your friend he's an amature.

There are so many ways to avoid this that it's making my head hurt to try to come up with ANY plausible scenario where a person of average intelligence makes this mistake. OP was in his own car and the spit was OP's friend so I must assume OP let the friend borrow the car or else OP would clearly have been aware of the dip bottle if not already disposed of it. In this case either the friend brought his own bottle or used one of OP's from the car. OP assumed the bottle had soda in it so unless the friend dumped out a bottle the OP was saving (for when it was nice and old/flat/warm) then OP just grabbed a bottle with no idea where it came from (it's his own car for crying out loud, he should know!) and smell-blindly gulped it down, thus HDI.

I almost did that once, close call!! Gotta love boyfriends that leave dip bottles everywhere!

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I've done that before. It's gross!!!!

Dip is chewable tobacco, & it makes you spit a lot. They drank someone's tobacco spit

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What the hell? This isn't a western movie.

You do not chew dip, you chew Chew, which is a different kind of smokeless tobacco. You suck on dip, by placing it in between your lip and gums, or gums and cheek ect. I replied to this earlier but it was not posted on this comment for some reason. I'm speaking from personal experience as a dipper, and a Texan.

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Yeah, we call it snuff or lip candy, and the stuff stinks, there's no way you could confuse it with soda, unless there's a lid or your nose is stopped up. But chew and snuff spit both look the same. But chew taste like raisins though. :/

22- Dont your gums and insides of your mouth get ****** up from doing that?

43- yeah they do, that's why I don't dip obsessively.

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In the south we like to call that a spit cup.. But whatever..

Ew, you do dip? You know that ruins your mouth, right?

Well in the south you date your sisters as well!

You are nasty! I'm Texan and I can't stand that!

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I'm pretty sure you can chew dip...

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Only Arkansas. Don't tarnish the rest of the southern states names you Yankee.

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^^meant for 53. Lovely outfit by the way.

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unicorn fart huh? I'm just not even gonna bother

Cigars have more swag than smelly dip

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I don't dip but im from Texas!

No way you can chew dip unless you really wanna get sick and throw up for hours on in. You pack dip in your lip and suck on it without swallowing it. Once you have enough spit built up, you spit it out and start over. I'm speaking from experience. I just recently quit dipping. I'm live in the country out in Louisiana.

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Screw you. We do not. If you wanna see a messed up Southern state go to Georgia or Lousiana. Them two will make Arkansas look 10x better..

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You do realize it doesn't cause lung cancer since you don't smoke it

when your dip, you put a it between your lips and gum. there's fiberglass in it, which cuts your lip, allowing nicotine into your system. the dip juice is saliva and tobacco juice, which gives it that nasty taste, especially after it's been sitting @159 since you dont smoke it, nothing gets into your lungs, thus making it impossible to get lung cancer

Hahaha maybe next time he'll remember to clean his car more often

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I think I threw up a little in my mouth... that sucks!

Copenhagen, what a wad of flavor.... Please tell me I'm not the only person on this site that listens to Robert Earl Keen.

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Hell ya if you are from Texas it is a sin not to!!!! love that song!

Mmm good old brown water! I Bet that tasted as fresh as a unicorns fart!

You do not chew dip. Chew is tobacco you chew. Dip, you place in your lip or by your gums and essentially suck on it. It's hard to explain... I'm just speaking from experience as a dipper and a Texan.

I always thought unicorn fart would taste like caramel.

No a unicorn fart tastes like rainbows. Get it right.

Good ol' Texas gotta love it! And thank you for correcting the world on the difference between dip and chew I can't count how many times I have had to do that!

When I read it the first time, I thought it said dip SHIT. I couldn't even comprehend that..

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I love me some grizzly straight. But just be sure and check next time

lol, ydi for being friends with a dipper. Dip; all the cancer of cigarettes with the added benefit of looking like trash

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That "looking like trash" is an opinion. In the South, such as Texas, dipping is much more social acceptable than cigarettes. If you want to look like trash, go around smoking, polluting the air, and pissing off those around you who don't smoke.

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My boyfriend dips & happens to be an infantry soldier for the US Army, placing his life on the line. I didn't realize that dipping made him "trashy"...

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Being in the army makes him honorable/respectable. Dipping makes him trashy. Ah, the beauty of duality.

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P.S. What do you think that shit looks like in your mouth when you're talking to people?

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Not all people who Dip, or do any other form of chuew tabbaco are bad people. I know alot if people who do it and they are amazing.

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Trashy /=/ bad necessarily. Just gross.

Have you ever talked to someone while they've dipped? Unless they are relatively new to the process, you won't even see the dip at all, and in some cases, you won't even be able to tell that someone is dipping.

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He is anything BUT trashy, thank you. I don't know your definition of "trashy", but dipping isn't, especially here in the south. a bad habit? maybe, but if dipping is considered trashy to you, I would hate to see what else you believe is trashy. I'm pretty sure you're at fault for some type of habit. it's no worse than drinking or smoking. in fact, it's probably more respectable than either of them, in the case that you're not plastered & stripping or blowing smoke into people's faces.

I got 5 years of dipping under my belt and since day one I never spit the juice or the dip out

So it's not trashy if your not spitting it and smoking I'd like to see who dies more from smoking or chewing

Dusthawg, you are lying out your ass if you say you've never spit it out. Dip contains fiberglass, that if swallowed WILL cut up your stomach, and WILL make you regurgitate it.

Dipping is somewhat safer than smoking. No respiratory illnesses like COPD or emphysema. No lung cancer. There is mouth and throat cancer though.

Kudos to him for serving his country, but yeah, dipping makes him trashy.

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He isn't trashy...if every person was over-opinionated like you, then we would all be considered "trashy". All those words being used to describe this situation can also be reflected In you.

Being a non smoker, I have to say I prefer the second hand smoke to having to talk to someone with a lip-full of dip. They sound half retarded (size depending) and t's so disgusting when they pause to spit.

Actually I do swallow it and skoal doesn't contain fibre glass copenhagen does

132- you must 'dip' pouches then, which makes you a pussy. And there's still fiber glass in pouches, but you don't ever touch the actual tobacco. That's how you get the tobacco in your system, it won't get in your blood stream without the fiber glass making minute cuts in your lip/gums.

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LOL no one pointed out that OP used the words "burger joint". LOL I can't remember the last time I heard someone say that.