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Today, I was in the middle of enjoying a really good book while in a waiting room. Someone saw what I was reading and thought it would be cool if she leaned over and told me everything that happens. FML
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Lady: Looks like a good book. OP: It's awesome. It's so suspenseful... Lady: Oh, I've read that one. OP: Yeah,I haven't gotten to the end y... Lady: The cat puts Thing 1 and Thing 2 back in the box. OP: God DAMN it!


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i completely agree!! also, couldn't u have moved seats?... or told them that they were bothering u?... just wondering...

how could she have known to move seats? it happened suddenly, she had no idea the girl would do that

you were in a waiting room.... how the hell do you expect to finish a book in that time? they saved you the hassle of having to first buy the book and then read it as well.

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what a bitch! I would of flipped him off

Let's think about this - maybe it was a book they bought with them?

ahaha! good point! I wonder what he was waiting FOR ... STD conformation? would explain the girl and her bitchy-ness

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Sounds dreadful. Trying to distract yourself from the utter misery of life with a book is a temporary solution at best, and that woman had to ruin it for you. You could look at it this way: she saved you some time. However, like I already said, that's time probably spent reflecting on the utter futility of existence. Life. Don't talk to me about life.

@rallets - See, that's really obnoxious. I know, I know, the book came out forever ago, but a lot of people have only seen the movies - or even have spread the books out to enjoy them longer. Why would you purposely ruin the book for someone? I was in a theater watching the Hallows with a friend who hasn't read past where the movie itself ends. Some younger girls behind us were discussing what would happen in Part 2. Thankfully my friend didn't hear and the girls profusely apologized when I let them know we had someone in our presence who hadn't read that far. Why can't you be more like them?

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holy shit man. but yea, twas a joke, so meh

79: rallets' comment can't compare to a situation like this FML, nor to your theater scenario. I have yet to read the Potter series too, but expecting spoiler sensitivity about something as hugely popular as HP is pointless. It's just too firmly embedded in pop culture. If a reader wants to avoid spoilers for a bestselling book that's been out for 3.5 years, it's really their own responsibility. (And yes, it is possible to do so on the internet. For instance, once you see the first 4 letters of rallets' post, you stop reading it. It's that simple.) If someone's "spacing them out", waiting for the movies, or in my case, waiting for [legal] ebooks, that's fine, but they/we choose to do so knowing the high risk of having surprises ruined, intentionally or not, by total strangers.

Uhm. Seems very pointless FML post, in my opinion..

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You're telling me you wouldn't get pissed off if you were in the middle of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" and I leaned over and said "...Dumbledore dies."?

Yes, I'm telling you man! It would saved my time by not reading the whole thing! Thanks man!!

32- Not really, since there's always "more than human" books out there to read. In case you didn't notice, that was an sarcasm. directly to "Harry potter", since the Iron man, replied with "Harry potter". And I don't like Harry potter.

Way to go, Iron face! You spoiled it for 34!

!!Spoiler alert!! If you see Iron face, cover your eyes and ears! He's the surprise spoiler!

Thank god! My girlfriend wanted to see Harry Potter and I was gonna take her to the movies, but now, I can say Dumbledore dies!

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Dobbie dies, snape kills dumbledore.

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Technically, it's Plastic face. Also, I really wasn't trying to be a complete ass. There's no way I could've known you didn't like Harry Potter. Now that I know, I'll rephrase my question. Mr. Mism, would you like it if you were reading a new "More Than Human" book and someone comes up and tells you a major plot spoiler?

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Technically, it's Plastic face. Also, I really wasn't trying to be a complete ass. There's no way I could've known you didn't like Harry Potter. Now that I know, I'll rephrase my question. Mr. Mism, would you like it if you were reading a new "More Than Human" book and someone comes up and tells you a major plot spoiler?

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10- then why read it in the first place?

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Aren't all FML posts pointless? This one for me would warrant a slap though, I love reading and people ruining the end for me really pisses me off

damn, i had something similar happen and someone told me that my favourite character in a 6-book series dies... i was on book 5... haven't picked it up since.

I hate it when things like that happen! Sorry to hear that!

Your name means something vulgar in Spanish but you probably already knew that.

Ehh, Even though you know what's gonna happen you can still read the book... It's like reading a fairytale, you know they're gonna live happily ever after...

Unless it's one of the Grimm's originals, then you know everyone is going to die for no apparent reason.

They might not die. They might just become horribly disfigured or get raped. For example, Sleeping Beauty was raped by the king and woke up with two kids. So much better than dying!

that reminds me of the top ten original gruesome tales... the truth behind fairytales w/o the Disney happy ending touch...

Some of them are ridiculous and make almost no sense. I read one where the title character was only a bit part mentioned in passing. A bit like calling Top Gun 'The tale of the bartender who was there the day some pilots sang a song'. I find reading the un-Disneyfied versions intriguing, but I haven't had one yet where I wasn't left thinking 'WTF?' at the end.

I have a compilation of the complete fairy tales of the brothers Grimm-- aaaand it's rather gruesome. Cinderella's evil step-sisters being so desperate to bone the prince that they hack off parts of their feet to fit in the glass slipper is just a nasty, bloody image. SPOILER: The Little Mermaid dies at the end.

8- Off-topic.... You like the rock music back in 80's something. I'm not sure. But they were named "Rush"?

Haha, rock on man. Dud you know one of their players had the unique talent unlike any band?

-Geddy Lee, I think I spelled his name right.

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You would have found out eventually, but yeah, that persons a jerk.

Eh, people are jerks. In all due respect, if it was a popular book like Harry Potter, it's hard to restrain yourself about certain spoilers, but even still, they should have held their tongue.