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In Australia or Straya, pissed has two meanings. The emotion of being pissed off at something/ someone and the act of getting pissed. To get pissed is to get very drunk. the term piss is also used for alcohol in general For example "Aye get us a couple of Pots/Schooners of piss would ya cunt/mate. (the term cunt generally being used to refer to a good friend and the term mate used for strangers and those we are pissed off at.
Just clearing up #1's comment for those not literate in Australian lingo.

  ItsAUnicorn  |  27

Hun, that person was just a huge, drunk cunt. Don't worry OP, drunk people are mostly just assholes and you wouldn't even want to end up with someone like that :)

By  annie_nk  |  22

I'm going with the "he might be on drugs" thing because he walked out after the first person. Why? Doesn't speed dating involve more than one person to talk to?