By nicoleee - 29/03/2012 20:16 - United States

Today, I was talking about phobias and anxiety disorders in psychology class. I nearly had a panic attack because I was worried that someone might realize I suffer from them. FML
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Sounds like my health class. *me chewing my nails * PowerPoint- CHEWING NAILS IS A STRESS HABIT *me randomly moving my foot * powerpoint- FREQUENT MOVING IS A SIGN OF ADHD me-OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME


OP, I just realized that you suffer from them. DON'T PANIC.

Well does that make it easier to teach? If not, DON'T PANIC!

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Don't panic and carry a towel

I just realized 1 is thumbed up while all the replys are thumbed down..basically they all wrote samething.. Like I said multiple times, FML users are idiot..

3 guys taking a picture in front of a mirror?... Very questionable

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Then you should probably not be taking that class....

#2 - That's like saying not to take math class because you suck at math. Did you ever think that the OP is taking that class so that maybe he can get some insight into the disorder he has?

^^ Based on OP's username, it is a she, not a he.

Rcola, they're teaching it. Just making sure you knew.

68- you can't actually tell that from the fml; all it says is "I was talking about..." OP could be the teacher, or just a student doing a project/presentation on that one subject.

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Aw:( I have a phobia of spiders and basements.

Hopefully you won't get trapped in a basement crawling with spiders. That would suck.

I have tyrophobia, I don't know how to spell it and I'm to scared to google it invade an image shows up.

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Oh dear. That sucks :/ and #50 I'm not a 'bro'. Just saying..

Do you mean... Typhriphobia (i think) the fear of wrinkles?

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Is that the fear of holes in the skin?

If you know you have this issue, you might not want to put yourself in that situation.

You don't always know what will set you off. It's a fun journey of discovery... and by that, I mean twitch twitch twitch twitch twitch

If the OP were to avoid every situation that *might* trigger a panic attack, they'd end up missing out on a lot in life.

Yep. Thankfully, I'm on anti-anxiety pills. Life is SO MUCH EASIER.

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"Do you suffer from phobias?" "H-how did you guess?"

Damn, that comment was pretty decent, yet it's still -10? Do people just wake up and decide to make every comment negative for ***** and giggles or what?

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There are a lot of rebels here.

Oh, hey your first account got banned too?! That's pretty cool, my first account was banned + I got an ip ban lol. I have toned down my ******* explicit bullshit a little bit since then.

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Don't worry about a thing because every little thing is gonna be alright!

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Almost had good lyrics there.

^ Proof positive that multitasking in English class never ends well.

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Umm, if you were confused about how to spell psycho, you could have just referred back to the fml. PSYCHOlogy...

No, no, he meant "physco." it's a new word, it means... umm... something to do with, um, Phys. Ed... And uh... cola? Yeah... Never mind... Sorry kid, can't help ya.

I can't understand how many people I have seen that spell 'psycho' like this. Even if you sound it out, it would be something like 'syco' or something. Where's the freaking h come from!!!

Uhh, except there IS an 'h' in the word psych.

Tip: If you're trying to be sympathetic, putting "lol" after your comment kinda defeats the purpose of writing the comment.