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Today, I caught a cab to take me to a hospital appointment. The driver turned around and told me I was in the Cash Cab. I got really excited and screamed. That is, until she laughed and said, "Just kidding. I always wanted to do that to someone." FML
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once u get to the hospital you give him the money then punch him in the face and tell him you did his mom/gf/wife then tell him "just kidding always wanted to do that to someone"

  MyCleverName  |  2

The driver didn't look like the host of the Cash Cab, because OP said "she" while referring to the cab driver, so you would hope a woman doesn't look like a bald man...


At the end of the ride, you should've told the driver, "I'm going to give you a tip of a hundred dollars!" and let her get all excited and then say, "Just kidding, I've always wanted to do that to someone!"

By  mintcar  |  9

? The T.V game show?

  mintcar  |  9

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  KaySL  |  24

Piss off, Mintcar. If you didn't entertain that behaviour, you wouldn't have commented back at all. Make a stupid comment, get a stupid answer. Or in SugarCrazy's case, an amusing and well-deserved verbal bitch-slap.

  mintcar  |  9

"I was in The Cash cab..."is what threw me off.
I wasn't sure if it was a show, i vaguely heard about a few years ago when I visited Europe.

Figured OP would've typed " I was on Cash Cab."

And KaySL, are you ever in a cheerful mood? It's almost frightening.

  abasio  |  1

Maybe mintcar should have asked if it was "a game show" indicating that she doesn't know a game show of that name rather than "the game show" indicating that she does.

  s2syou  |  7

wow you all need to relax the main purpose is the OP story not anyone else here, and the fact she attacked that 14 yr old girl is because she attacked first. A girls allowed to ask a question and if a stranger got angry over it, they need to obviously calm down

  SugarCrazy  |  14

People do need to calm down.
My intention wasn't to attack her, but it might've come across as an attack.
And in any case, if I wasn't prepared for a not-so-polite reply back, I wouldn't have commented in the first place.

  pwincessa23  |  1

team sugar!!!! jk but I gotta say that other chick is a biotch(in my opinion).
her argument was valid though. she does have the right to ask questions but who really takes FML discussions seriously anyway? I would have lmao! if I was Mint and saw sugars comment... just saying

  slushpup9696  |  12

Mintcar, googling it gets faster results. Like when a newbie asks what OP or YDI stands for. Well I guess that's helpful for them, as they learn how sarcastic the FML commenters are.

"It stands for octopus pussy."

  mintcar  |  9

LOL at 156.

I have nothing else to say...
Private message me if you have to something to say to me. Not interested in taking up anymore FML space.

  shutupYDI  |  4

225- way to make YOURSELF a moron.
stop hating on mintcar she asked a question if people are going to reply in a bitchy way she will probably snap or something.
I swear FML people get on my damn nerves sometimes.

  GuessWhatKids  |  13

Okay, okay, let's all get off our periods and shut the fuck up with the ignorant overreacting slap fight. Carmint here asked a question and got an answer, so it's time for everyone to take some anger management classes and calm the fuck down.


I reallyyy think there needs to be a "So what?" button. So what? It's a bit embarassing, but it's not like there were camera's all around. And you'll probably never see that cab driver again.