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Today, I caught a cab to take me to a hospital appointment. The driver turned around and told me I was in the Cash Cab. I got really excited and screamed. That is, until she laughed and said, "Just kidding. I always wanted to do that to someone." FML
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SugarCrazy 14

No, the sandwich -_- Don't ask stupid rhetorical questions.


They background check people before they put you on the show, that's why you never see hobo's.

pwincessa23 1

agree^^ did the driver even look like the guy on the show? and did the cab have all those lights in it?!

once u get to the hospital you give him the money then punch him in the face and tell him you did his mom/gf/wife then tell him "just kidding always wanted to do that to someone"

MyCleverName 2

The driver didn't look like the host of the Cash Cab, because OP said "she" while referring to the cab driver, so you would hope a woman doesn't look like a bald man...

3mikey1 9

the OP is from Illinois, suggesting a cab in Chicago, and Cash Cab Chicago's host is a woman.

I enjoy inviting random people into my yellow car, pretending it is a cab...

ImFrackinBored 13
ImFrackinBored 13

At least the cab driver wasnt drunk...

alexg823 0

In the new episodes of cash cab, the driver is a woman. I kinda miss the bald dude.

This sounds like something I would do.

loll I thought that just before reading ur comment

idontcare8l 3

who gets excited about cash cab , and um why are you going to thehospital?! and better yet why did you leave that part out?!

idontcare8l 3

i mean its not like im smart enough to win any moneys so yah and plus, i find excitement through those ipad give aways get me :p

idontcare8l 3

i mean they always get me ( sorry bout that)

ahahaha!!!! that's greattttt(: she sound cool

Hobos dont take cabs cause they prefer trains. 170, 173, and 174 are all retards.

Hobos dont take cabs cause they prefer trains. 170, 173, and 174 are all retards.

idontcare8l 3

coming from the guy that double posted! and plus i really dont care if you havent already noticed from my name, but gotta admit that made me laugh :)

rallets 22

you know theres plenty more cities in illinois than just chicago right?

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

16- they also have a girl who does it in Chicago

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

110- they have new eps with the original bald guy bc I watched one recently

210, he didn't double post. It's just glitched when he posted, hence why the comments are both 205 and not 205 & another number after it.

3mikey1 9

well one assumes that the OP wouldn't have been thninking they were in cash cab in a city that doesn't have the show...

imthatguythatdid 0

im pretty sure that cash cab is in new york not illinois

ImaWiseGuy 5

at least he wasn't like "I'm a suicide jihadist and I don't wanna do this alone, so enjoy re ride"....

Lauren10102 3

re ride? darn those fake terrorists with bad pronunciation!

At the end of the ride, you should've told the driver, "I'm going to give you a tip of a hundred dollars!" and let her get all excited and then say, "Just kidding, I've always wanted to do that to someone!"

flockz 19

i did that to a hooker last night...

This fml is almost as sad as the fact that Kristen Stewart hasn't come out of the closet yet...

irishman1733 0

if you have actually seen the show wouldn't you think it was odd that it was a woman and not the guy from the show? and that there where no lights?

OP doesn't know that the host of Cash Cab is a guy?

there is also a female host in chicago. check yourself before you reck yourself.

238 leave before you contaminate others with your idiocy or offend someone with good taste in music.

onomonomonom ur in a cash cab...u pay with cash

I really think they need a "So what?" button.'re probably a 13 year old girl who thinks they'll become the next Mrs. Justin bieber..get a life please! -___-" smh.

mintcar 9

? The T.V game show?

SugarCrazy 14

No, the sandwich -_- Don't ask stupid rhetorical questions.

pwincessa23 1

little harsh but hilarious!!! ^^ hahahahaha :D

mintcar 9

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easy there you big **** don't have to get so wound up.

SugarCrazy 14

Well it seemed pretty clear that you knew what it was. And actually, I'm 14. Don't hate because I made you look stupid XD

yummayy_ 11

Hahaha! This is too funny XD

mintcar 9

I don't watch much T.V... Wasn't sure so I asked. Piss off? No thanks.

codylicious6 0

late post! that was meant or 38.

mintcar 9

"I was in The Cash cab..."is what threw me off. I wasn't sure if it was a show, i vaguely heard about a few years ago when I visited Europe. Figured OP would've typed " I was on Cash Cab." And KaySL, are you ever in a cheerful mood? It's almost frightening.

abasio 1

Maybe mintcar should have asked if it was "a game show" indicating that she doesn't know a game show of that name rather than "the game show" indicating that she does.

DrTexas 0

Dr. Texas suggests we all get along.

tittymagic 0

mintcar- stop talking. just... stop

codylicious6 0

This is stupid. Theres nothing wrong or stupid about asking about the gameshow.

heylesha 8

4- hey does it make u feel like a BIG GIRL telling off a 14 year old? like seriously? NOW whos a little bitch. Grow up and pick on someone your own age.

nessaspissed 0

wow...people are really bitchy these days haha...

wow you all need to relax the main purpose is the OP story not anyone else here, and the fact she attacked that 14 yr old girl is because she attacked first. A girls allowed to ask a question and if a stranger got angry over it, they need to obviously calm down

SugarCrazy 14

People do need to calm down. My intention wasn't to attack her, but it might've come across as an attack. And in any case, if I wasn't prepared for a not-so-polite reply back, I wouldn't have commented in the first place.

All you bitches need to shut the **** up.

pwincessa23 1

team sugar!!!! jk but I gotta say that other chick is a biotch(in my opinion). her argument was valid though. she does have the right to ask questions but who really takes FML discussions seriously anyway? I would have lmao! if I was Mint and saw sugars comment... just saying

CommonSenseKarma 17

Okay, I'm sorry!!!!!!!! Shut up.

Commonsense!!!!! I had a reasonable point. So shut the **** up!:::;:;;::

gameboybooa 0

dude you're fking retarded. the 14 yr old started it u dick

look on the bright side sugarcrazy... mint car must like you. as her profile claims,"If I'm not making fun of you, I must not like you." I feel the love circulating.

gameboybooa 0

shit up you idiot. u attacked her first then acted like a smartass

What is this, Jerry Springer? The last time I saw so many girls bitching, I was in highschool.

slushpup9696 12

Mintcar, googling it gets faster results. Like when a newbie asks what OP or YDI stands for. Well I guess that's helpful for them, as they learn how sarcastic the FML commenters are. "It stands for octopus pussy."

JetLifeNextLife 0
mintcar 9

LOL at 156. I have nothing else to say... Private message me if you have to something to say to me. Not interested in taking up anymore FML space.

Dude I'm on your side. Not a real popular show

yomommma 6
LilSideTwerk 0

mintcar- just shut up. shut up. just stop commenting. you're just coming off as stupid.

and for the people who are about to thumbs down my comment , it's in reference to Step Brothers.

225- way to make YOURSELF a moron. stop hating on mintcar she asked a question if people are going to reply in a bitchy way she will probably snap or something. I swear FML people get on my damn nerves sometimes.

stupid questions can be avoided by using Google

Why are people afraid of google? You could've googled it, Mintcar. God created google and said ' it is good '.

GuessWhatKids 13

Okay, okay, let's all get off our periods and shut the **** up with the ignorant overreacting slap fight. Carmint here asked a question and got an answer, so it's time for everyone to take some anger management classes and calm the **** down.

you couldve used this magical thing called google, you're obviously not to busy cause you're on FML

Never a dull moment in the FML world.

kelseykaye93 1

lol, I love when complete strangers fight over nothing.

a_nutritionist 10

no the one armed man started it :( stop hurting my feelings :( naw you guys are so mean really...can someone put this thread out of its misery...

well. sorry your question was stupid and all of us "bitchy 15 year olds" thought that your "bitchy old people" talk was too dumb for words

I reallyyy think there needs to be a "So what?" button. So what? It's a bit embarassing, but it's not like there were camera's all around. And you'll probably never see that cab driver again.

why would the cash cab be in illinois?

chernaynay 3

#10 Girl STFU , not everyone watches tv . You think she has time to waste on watching tv. Go shove a sandwich up your mouth

I bet you don't even know what a rhetorical question is mintcar

SamBaBam98 0

actually it has two host sorta one is im new york (the most popular one) and i think abother one in california (i think) tht isnt as good

62- The man (Ben Bailey) is in New York. The lady is in Chicago.

elfuin 0

I have a feeling she's not going to catch on...

at number 5 you just proved that the girl honestly didnt know it was an actual tv show otherwise she wouldve known it was a man

andrysb24 5

Actually, the Cash Cab in New York is a guy. There's also a Cash Cab in Chicago and it's a woman. Post says OP is in Illinois, so it makes sense.

there is also one in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (male)

elfuin 0

You do realize that that person on cash cab is a man?

Glitterhinoceros 14

Thats the one in New York, they have a chick that does it somewhere else, like Chicago maybe.

missy_lynn012 0

you don't think about that stuff in the heat of the moment.

myny82 0

the chicago version has a girl as a host

skyttlz 32

That sucks but I would be like omg really

kirbsterrr 5

Correct me if I'm wrong please, but aren't cash cabs only in New York?

new york is the bald guy, Chicago is the girl and Toronto is Adam growe

ariannaa_fml 17

ever notice how no one says Illinois they just say Chicago?