By owmyballs - 17/12/2009 16:34 - Thailand

Today, I was playing with my yo-yo. I began showing off to my friends. When the girl I liked walked by, I thought it'd be really cool to do the move "dog bite". I ended hitting myself in the balls. Hard. FML
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YDI for trying to impress a girl with a yo-yo trick

"::sigghh::*batts eyelashes* Timmy sure can work that yo-yo.I have GOT to have him."


YDI for trying to impress a girl with a yo-yo trick

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lol ya seriously very uncommon for a girl to be impressed by a yo-yo trick

You're playing with a yo-yo, and you say "... you thought it'd be cool if...". Fail.

"::sigghh::*batts eyelashes* Timmy sure can work that yo-yo.I have GOT to have him."

lol looks like your "dog bite" bit u in the balls :D

Hey, now. People who can yo-yo have very agile fingers.

as well as pianists :D

Hell, even the fact that he knows the NAME of any yo-yo trick means that he is not likely to get a girl.

Pianist envy.

YouTube video link please!!

Anyone else find it to be a funny coincidence that the guy banged his cock in bangkok?

Now that you mention it.

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Reply to 44: Momma says to keep my pianist away from girls....

the dog missed your bone! but it got the meatballs :(

you deserve it for yo-yo!

do me toto master, do me


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yoyos are awesome and tons of girls who are great ( and attractive) like it. including my gf

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Ur gay

Why would you do that one though? It makes you look like an idiot even if you get it right :-/

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youre a fag for even knowing what a dog bite is.

And playing with a yo-yo doesn't?

Thank you for saying balls.

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This! ^

Seriously, I regret my YDI now that I realize it didn't hit him in the dingle berries.

YDI for having a yo yo AND trying to show off with it. play sports, little girl

the dog bite is hilarious when it's done right. I havnt figured that out yet. but I'll do barrel rolls for minutes at a time between classes. and for those who say yo-yos are a stupid way to impress girls- that's how I hooked my girlfriend of 2 years.

Yeah but the rest of us want someone older than 8 tho. I saw your girl kiss another man under the kissing tree yesterday btw, but dont worry, she did it for a mint Charizard so totally worth it : )

Wow you seem like one cool kid. I wish I had enough charisma to attract girls with my yo-yo.

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You still have a yoyo? Wow.

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Wow really! If you like her so much why don't you just tell her.

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WTF is a dog bite

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Speaking of not being educated... you don't seem to realize that the "Yo-yo was a weapon!" thing is an urban legend. Fyl.

wow, a yo-yo? lmao! i agree with #10