By roadkill - 28/02/2011 15:50 - United States

Today, an old lady hit me with her car, after which she said, "Oh! Not again!" FML
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She got you too?! She's on a rampage!

So the same lady has hit you twice? She's clearly after you.


oceanbeauty 17

more like fhl

foreverDark 1

Ikr. Btw, love the pic. Rehabbb

She got you too?! She's on a rampage!

The woman is a killer, dude.

CommonSenseKarma 17

Fuck her insurance provider's life.

hmm and I paid her to finish the job...

lmfao that sucks OP.

at least she didnt throw cats at you.

Awww did you want to be the first person she hit?

roaminginsomniac 0

Some people shouldn't be allowed to drive after a certain age. Sounds like the case with the lady that hit you.

Acousticpixie14 6

I agree. After a certain age, it should be illegal to drive.

Sinkhole 26

Pen, if after a certain age you automatically and instantly lose all faculties and reason, than that explains your comments, you're 84! :P Now, seriously, I think you're definitely right. Some people shouldn't be allowed to drive, but it would be very stupid to forbid people to drive because of their age rather than by their driving skills.

KingDingALing 9

Old people who drive under 10 mph shouldn't be allowed to drive. Especially when I'm about to be late to school but I'm stuck behind an old person.

Sinkhole 26

KingDingALing, do you tend to get stuck behind old people a lot, then? :D

Autoshot 9

Solution: After the age of 65, you must pass a driving test every year to maintain a valid license.

43 I was just about to say that. Really, it isn't the age as much as being able to drive. They should have to take tests often to make sure they don't hit people like OP.

CommonSenseKarma 17

I like the part about killing old people. I think we should just stick with that.

Thabb 0

59 agreed

chikachikawahwah 0

After a certain age, you do start to lose your depth perception. So I agree, after a certain age people should have to go physically retake the driving test for evaluational purposes. Unfortunately, here in GA they just reapply online, and thus continue to annoy the crap/scare the living hell out of normal drivers.

Acousticpixie14 6

Not only do you lose depth perception, your reaction time also increases, thus making it more dangerous for people above a certain age to drive. It's just as fair as not allowing people under a certain age to drive due to lack of maturity.

Sinkhole 26

No, it's not the same. People age differently, not every senior has the problems you mentioned. I know that not all teenagers are immature either, but they don't have the years of driving experience that seniors have, so, it's not the same at all. If you were to put a maximum age limit on driving, how would you determine what that age limit would be? Don't you think choosing an age would be extremely subjective? Some people do lose depth perception and the reaction time for some of them also increases, but don't you think that a great amount of seniors drive slower to allow for slower responses? Having to pass a driver's test is a far better solution than just stopping them from driving. Remember that you'll be a senior some day, and I'm sure that you would hate not being able to drive to the store or to the doctor, you'll have needs and it would be completely unfair to take away your freedom to drive.

Acousticpixie14 6

There should be an age at which a test is required as well as an age at which no driving is allowed. No one, I repeat, NO ONE get a better reaction time as they age once they get past the age of 40, nor do they get better depth perception. At around the average age of 40 your body starts breaking down and deteriorating slowly, there are no improvements made. You have to work to maintain. I'm not saying people should be allowed to drive younger either. That was merely an example. Yes, it would suck, but you know what? Life isn't fair.

Sinkhole 26

I didn't say that their depth perception or reaction time improves, but not everyone loses them at the same speed rate. You couldn't possibly make an objective decision on what age a person is not allowed to drive anymore, because like I said, people age differently. In this case, the "life isn't fair" excuse is bullshit; traffic laws are made by man, not nature. If you're in a condition in which you can't drive anymore, then yes, life isn't fair. But, if you still have the skills to drive, no one should stop you from doing it.

Acousticpixie14 6

"traffic laws are made by man, not nature" That sounds just plain childish. Nature is not what makes life unfair. Life is just unfair and trying to make it fair is a hopeless battle that is fought by only the ignorant, naive, or immature.

Sinkhole 26

"Life is just unfair" is what sounds childish, why blame everything on life? Like I said, the traffic laws are made by legal systems. If people have a right taken away from them, then it's not "life's fault", it's the legal system's fault. According to your logic, people who have fought for women's rights are just ignorant, naive or immature.

Acousticpixie14 6

Who says I'm blaming everything on life? You cannot make it fair. What may seem "fair" to one person will not be "fair" to everyone else. In order for legal systems to make anything "fair" we would all need to have the exact same needs and desires, but we don't. Every single human being has different wants and needs, therefore, no matter what, anything that happens in life is going to be unfair to somebody.

Sinkhole 26

When seniors are allowed to drive, that is not unfair for anyone; if they're not allowed to drive, that is unfair to them. So, no one has a need of seniors not driving. Teenagers cause more accidents than seniors, so, for whom it is unfair if seniors are allowed to drive? NO ONE. You're blaming life when you say "Life is just unfair and trying to make it fair is a hopeless battle".

Acousticpixie14 6

And I agree that teenagers cause a lot of accidents. I don't think you should be allowed to drive until age 20, unless you work, in which case you can only drive to and from work. It is unfair when they drive. It's unfair to all of the fellow drivers who are put in danger. Just as it's unfair when a 16 year old is driving a car full of teenagers around or when someone with three DUIs drives around. I'm not singling out the elderly. There are several groups of people that should not be driving, the elderly just happen to be one of those groups.

Sinkhole 26

Which groups are those? You mentioned teenagers, so let's see what those other groups are. Should women be banned from driving? Should minorities be banned from driving? Who should? I know that these examples sound ridiculous, but that's only because your statements are ridiculous. Your idea of teenagers being able to drive only from and to work are ridiculous. Your idea of seniors driving being unfair to other drivers is ridiculous. It is unfair when a 23 year old who has been drinking decides to drive, it is unfair when a teenager with no license decides to drive, it is unfair when anyone with no driving skills decides to drive, but that is because they are in no conditions to drive. Your age says nothing about your driving skills 'cause not everyone ages the same. I'm all about giving my opinion and listening to other people's opinions, but frankly, I can't bother to keep this conversation going. There's this thing in law called 'common good' and all laws strive to achieve that, that is why seniors are allowed to drive. You're too close minded and I'm so glad that it's not you or people like you who make important decisions such as who is allowed to drive and who is not, you just look for your own interests. Reply if you want, I know you will anyway, you're the one making yourself sound more ignorant and ridiculous.

Acousticpixie14 6

Close minded? You make me lol [:

Lqum26 0

Sinkhole you are a retarded liberal f u c k. At the age of 80 your license should be taken away. I have yet to meet anyone over this age without a medical disability or handicap that impairs their driving. Everyone loses it at some point, but everyone has lost it by 80. And your facts are actually wrong. More collisions are caused by teenagers. However, the elderly cause over 60% of all fatal accidents and cause 80% of all highway accidents. Who's more endangering to the well-being and civil good that you speak of? It's really not even an argument if you truly believe that there's no age at which everyone in that age group is a road hazard.

lmao that's just too funny man sorry. so are you ok?

Nikki_ASW 0

I wonder how many people she has already hit. Anyways, FYL OP.

again, I wish I had the power to revoke drivers licenses...

So the same lady has hit you twice? She's clearly after you.

Surprised it took so long for someone to come out with that. Win.