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Today, I was at lunch with my mom and we were talking about how to tell my brother that Santa Claus isn't real. After we finished our conversation, I heard someone crying. Little did I know, two little kids and their parents were sitting in the booth behind me. FML
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Soo why are you going to tell your brother that Santa isn't real? Aren't people supposed to figure that out on their own?

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YOU MEAN HE'S NOT REAL?!?!?!? :'((


well its up to the parents to lie again. the parents should have tried talking to them so they wouldnt hear

Why not just let them find out over time? What a wet blanket you are, ruining the little kids dreams so early.

The Easter bunny is still real though right?

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HAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....That would have made my day! Make em cry... Santas a dumb story anyway!

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He sure is real. I mean, it's not hard to go to every single residential area in the world on a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer, one with a glowing red nose that doesn't play Monopoly, THEN find out who's naughty or nice and deliver presents and lumps of coal to everyone in the world. Everyone is that fast, stealthy and rich. But seriously, if he was real, he'd be the most wanted unlawful trespasser in the world. :P

Santa isn't real????? What the hell?!? ?

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i say ydi in a good way, you did a public service. now you just need to go around town in a santa costume and tell little kids how you arnt actually real and take off your fake beard...

Well, they were eventually gonna find out anyway. ㄟ㋛ㄏ

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Soo why are you going to tell your brother that Santa isn't real? Aren't people supposed to figure that out on their own?

Wow for Christmas I hope I can have my child hood hopes and dreams crushed as well. Let the kid figure it out on his own over time!

Maybe the kid is already way too old to be believing in Santa Claus. My aunt and uncle only told my cousin when he was 10. That's ridiculous imo. You won't crush a kid's "hopes and dreams" by telling him the gifts he's getting are his parents instead of some mysterious fat guy. When I found out as a kid, I felt more bad about being stupid enough to believe in him, than I felt about him not being real. I still got my presents so I didn't care.

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i agree. it certainly didn't "crush my hopes and dreams" when i found out ... the 7-year-old-future-lawyer that i was then was already questioning the feasibility of visiting millions of children in one night in a flying sleigh, and finding out that santa wasn't real simply proved what i already suspected. maybe it won't be a big deal to the OP's brother, you never know, don't be so dramatic. maybe he had been asking for some time, and this WAS "finding out in time" for him.

Not a big deal... the kids' parents are morons if they can't think up a good cover story. Not your fault. If I had been the kids' parents, I would have told them you were talking about killing Santa Claus because you didn't want little kids to have presents. Then the kids would have kicked you in the nuts as you walked past them on the way out.

I wish I lived in such a fairytale world as many of those here. You automatically assume his brother is 4. Perhaps he's a pre-teen with poor social development. It's not his responsibility to watch out for anyone else's children. Those parents in the other booth could have easily distracted their children, or even kindly asked the OP to stop. Plus, if finding out Santa isn't real and the people giving you all these wonderful things for the holidays are your parents who love you, isn't the worst thing for a child. Santa is fake, Easter Bunny is fake, Toothfairy is fake, it's just your deeply loving parents getting you things that you really want just because your smile and happiness is their everything. Grow up people.

I agree with you. I don't know if I'm gonna tell my kids about Santa Claus... I'd feel bad lying to them, to be honest. They'll only feel sad afterwards when they find out he isn't real. I really don't see the point. Wouldn't want them to spoil it for the other kids, though...

You're a ******* selfish asswipe number 18, do you REALLY think its fair for those other parents that two people unknowingly ruined it for their kids? Be courteous and talk about it somewhere where little kids aren't in earshot!

Fair? Are you really arguing that something is "fair". Now I know why you had to use foul language and name calling. You just found out Santa isn't real. Oh, poor baby, come give papa Max a hug. Please, try and look at things without those rosy red glasses you've been wearing. It's the PARENT'S responsibility to protect their children (and apparently the LIES they tell their children) from what other say. Not the other way around. You're probably the same type of person who wants warning labels on video games, CDs, and movies. Why should people take responsibility for those which they bring into the world when they can easily just inconvenience everyone else. Like I said before, grow up. Please.

You're a weird dude, Max. Tooth-fairy is so real... I made serious bank off that bitch when I was a kid. If she isn't real, where'd all that cash come from?? Who's the one wearing the "rose colored" glasses now?

All right, go stand in front of a playground with a megaphone and holler "SANTA CLAUS ISN'T REAL!" Are the parents supposed to "protect their kids", or are you just supposed to, you know, not be a douche bag? Try being considerate.

Maybe he was at Chuck E Cheese's or McDonald's. They have playgrounds in their restaurants.

You obviously have no understanding of the situation "Youreanidiot". There's a big difference between casually talking to a family member while enjoying a meal, having other people OVERHEAR you (which let's not forget, is a RUDE thing to do), and blatantly doing something somewhat malicious, as your example dictates. Glad to see that this issue is something you hold so dear. With all the terrible things that children can be exposed to THIS is the one that irks you enough to be this viral. Once again, grow up. Stop acting like a small child with your crazy scenarios.

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Come on, it's a part of childhood, you have to let them have fun and believe in Santa, don't push your beliefs on others, let them decide for themselves, as they grow, if they want to believe in him.. It's only fair.

^ Yet another sheep who simply doesn't understand the situation. NEXT!

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hmm another truther on the site

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bbbbbbut wwwwaaaatt aaabbbbbout the Easter fairy?

It's not about living in a fairy tale, Santa Claus is apart of Christmas. Go read the history of how Christmas became and you'll see the importance of him. You keep calling others stupid for "LYING" to their children. He may not be REAL but he's still history. Santa Claus is part of innocence, fun and make belief. And frankly it's quite selfish to take that from children. By the time a child realizes Santa Claus is make belief and just a part of history he or she will understand and not be hurt by it and until that day comes no matter what day. You should allow your child that innocence.