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Today, at work, as a camp counselor, I was discussing how stupid the idea of Santa is to a coworker, and how every parent should tell their kids the truthLies. The intercom microphone was on. I single-handedly told a group of 100 six year-olds that Santa isn't real. FML
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NEVER dispute santa's reality at a kid's camp!


Yea, and now you let all the internet know theres no santa either. Thats a little more than 100 kids. Thanks

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yes all those billions of six year olds that read fml! how very dare you ;)

Omgzones, have you read the comments that we get here? Do you honestly believe there aren't hordes of 6 year olds on this site?

What's REALLY horrible... it's "single-handedly", OP.

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Yeah because six year olds really log on to and read this >_>

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Well then they deserve to know that santa's not real...if they can get onto a website called F*CK my life, the last thing you should be worried about is comments about santa. Frankly, no 6 year old should know about this site, and no parent should be allowing their child to access it...its called parental controls people.

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its funny how some ppl cant recognize sarcasm

"single handedly" not handily you retard

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way to reply to the first comment.

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I agree #1... OP: You are EVIL

it's horrible because it's not up to her to tell a kid that santa doesn't exist. it's up to the parent. and the parent will tell the kid whenever the kid wants to know, or when the parents feels it's the right time.

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Not to mention the millions on the internet who act like kids :P

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omg! Santa isn't real?!?!? lol jk

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That's GREAT!!!! Someone finaly putting a stop to the brainwashing of our offspring. Now all we have to do is stop people from brainwashing them into eleaving that an invusable Nan called "god" is watching them.

Good job! I know a 13 year old who still beileves in Santa, the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny. and no, he is not mentaly unstable he has a normal brain. so WTF? and his parents even continue to tell him that they are real.

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THERES NO SANTA?!!?!?!? OH I GOTTA GO TALK TO MOM...YOU PEOPLE RUINED MY 6TH BIRTHDAAAAAY Srsly OP.why didn't you make it look as if you were kidding.6 yr old aren't exactly brilliant you know

keepbyour opinions to urself op, cuz Santa is awesome xD I accidentally told my 13 year old neighbor Santa wasntbreal, and yes she is sane too

Seriously? I mean come on, my parents never told me Santa was OR real. They would just be like 'christmas time let's put out cookies for Santa!' But they never told me 'SANTA IS REAL!!!' They never told me he was fake either, I've known since I was 6 that he was fake because I have something called COMMON SENSE that tells me there isn't a flying old guy in a sleigh delivering presents! ;P I did believe in mermaids and other magical creatures though. So there goes my argument :P

205- You said it! After that, we can teach them that the Easter bunny is not real and that valentines day is for sweethearts, not for those stupid sugar-crazed kids!

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205 - You just made a terrible argument against people that choose to "eleave" In an "invusable Nan that watches them." Great job!

Don't worry their parents will set them straight and tell them Santa is real and that op is an old bum that just never gets anything but coal for Xmas ;)

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You don't seriously believe that 6 year olds have the attention span to scroll this far, right?

No it's the job of the older sibling or other kids in school.

NEVER dispute santa's reality at a kid's camp!

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That is pretty thoughtless. I don't feel any pity for OP, though, just for the poor kids she killed Santa for.

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I hope he gets a lump of coal

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yeah someone's getting coal for Christmas this year

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Yeah, really. It's better they know before hand.

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Because that's the same. Regardless of your belief or disbelief in God, I'm thinking that one would have been much worse with much worse consequences from parents. Not sure if that was your point as a joke or not.

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He's not fake. I don't care if you bitches thumbs me down.

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#98 - Wow, you extrapolated a lot from someone voicing their opinion and saying that they expect it to be an unpopular one... I may not agree with her opinion but I'll be damned if she doesn't get to voice it. ( not that I'm not damned anyways...Hell for the company, and all that :-) )

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it's not about what she said, it's how she said it. If someone is a christian or any other religion really, if they have any real respect for God and they try to follow his standards, (which is unattainable, but that's what's so great about god, he forgives you anyway), they would not say something like "you bitches" in the same sentence as saying god is real. I am a christian, and i get so mad when i see stuff like that, because she is associating herself with christians, and it is people like her that turn SO many people off to the church now days.

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I have no issues with people who believe in God, I was raised Catholic, attended 8 years of Catholic School and was the first female Altar server at my Church... I have no issues with those people who chose to believe in God, or spread the word of it, however Its not my fault that she Asserts she believes in God and then immediately takes harsh defenses against an arguement that hasn't even occured yet. I didn't thumbs down her, and I dont see any evidence where anyone has. I agree with the post below mine, its how she said it. If she approached it more as "everone is entitled to their opinion, but I truely believe in God and His Almighty Power" noone would have said anything. She's entitled to her opinion and so am I... I made a generalization out of a more than typical example of the way people Hide behind God, its not that very different than the "God told me to break up with you" FML. Hiding behind God, and speaking condensendingly in a passive aggressive manner never helped anyone spread religion.

#102 and #103 - I guess. I can see how that might turn some people off of Christianity, but it certainly didn't have that effect on me the way plenty of other things have in the past. There are Christians and there are Christians...if "bitches" is a part of someone's everyday vocabulary, and I assure you that to many people it is, then I don't think that was very offensively delivered. Personally, I didn't see that as being passive aggressive, I interpreted it as saying "I know people will think I'm an idiot for thinking this, and I don't care, I'll stand by my opinion." Then again, I'm hard to offend, and I happen to be one that uses what many consider 'vulgarity' in everyday language. On the other hand, I do tend to be sensitive around overbearing Christians, so it could just be different interpretations. The Internet needs tone. :-P I must say, I do appreciate the clear and mature dialogue here - that's all too rare on FML sometimes.

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I completely agree, and i am not even saying that i do not curse, i do my best not to, but sometimes emotions get the best of you. My logic was simply that if you are going to make a direct statement that you believe in God, do not give his followers a bad name by using profanity where it is clearly not necessary. Christians are, and should be held to a higher standard based on what we preach.

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As a Christian, I have to say that God holds US to the same standard as He does everyone else in the world. So why should the rest of the world hold us to a higher standard? And as for Santa, I'm 20 and I believe he's real. If you can explain the jingle bells and the laughing I heard at 4:00 AM in '99 that I was wide awake for while the rest of my family was asleep, the weather channel and the military tracking him every year, and a letter I received in elementary school in the middle of Autumn with Christmas designs on the edges after I mailed in my wishlist, then you go right ahead. Until you do, Santa is real.

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i disagree, if you look at scripture you can see that Christians are clearly held to a higher standard than non-christians in Gods eyes. There are plenty of scriptures that state that whoever claims to know god, yet does not act like Christ, or at the very least work, and pray about being a more like christ is worthless and should be cast aside as they hurt the rest of the body. However, that is not what i am saying, what i am saying is that People who are not christians hold christians to a higher standard simply because there are some people who claim to be christians and yet there daily lives show no indication of it, while our sermons preach of love for all people, regardless of race, age, social status, or sexuality (and for the record, i am against homosexuality, but that does not mean that i cannot love a gay man with the love of christ, we're all sinners yet he still loves us all.) there are many "christians" who want to only preach the fire and brimstone sermons, and when a non-christian hears that and sees people who claim to be christians acting just like everyone else they just think there's nothing special about us, and never give the genuine loving christians a second thought either.

Indeed you could have prepared those kids for a world based on facts and sanity.

Hey i dont care if you disagree. you believe in this world.being 6000 years old and consider systematic child rape a part of your higher standards. And you believe in people with magic powers that could split sees, and an almighty creator that fills the seas of this.planet with salt water and moving earth plates that cause earthquakes that kill millions. For this you have lost all rights to contriboot in any conversation related to sanity.

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Actually, Moses crossed the Red Sea. Contrary to popular belief, he did not part it.

#97 Your credibility is lost with profanity.

Referencing the scripture in a religious argument will get you nowhere. It only serves to lose any trust you had gained beforehand with people outside your... Belief system. People are stubborn with what they believe. There is no evidence in either direction. TL;DR: Arguing gets you nothing

If you feel strongly about what you just told your co-worker...then you should feel bad about this...otherwise, you're just being a hypocrite.

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I don't know that it's hypocritical to NOT butt in on other people's parenting decisions. It would only be hypocritical of OP's child overheard.

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Oh well, they had to find out eventually. I figured out Santa was fake when i was that age.

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Well, when they did find out, it was most likely on their own. Don't think of it as a lie, it's a part of being a kid. As they grow up they pretty much forget about it anyway. Santa and all the other fairy tale creatures. I still go on with it for my little brother, and it's best he grows out of it one his on, you know? Like I said, kids grow up and find better things to believe in then these fairy tales and all. They find better things to DO. But, when your little it's basically a big part of Christmas and I really think it's unfair that kids don't get to believe in him. Most of them will go on with believing it, and some others will just give it up.

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Santa Claus scared the shit out of me when I was that age. The idea of a fat old man being able to sneak into everones house scared me to death.

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LOL @ skiz. that made my day.