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You're an idiot. Why did you lie about who you were on the phone to? You should have said you were talking to a friend.

What a horrible friend :(


What a horrible friend :(

Agreed. Said actually, its more FHL for being such an ass

so did you tell him that santa's reindeer wouldn't spontaneously combust from the speeds they would have to be going to make the trip? or did you tell him that santa can really fit all his presents into that sleigh? or maybe you tried to explain why all the white boys and girls in America get xbox's while all the other children of the world get screwed? And if that didn't convince the little guy I'm sure you told him how beautiful the north pole can be in the winter

Yeah! We must not forget that ONLY white people in America play Xbox!

i said that santa gives them xbox's only to show what an americanized idea he is. that is all. don't jump to any conclusions 66

So saying that white boys and girls in America get xbox while everyone else gets screwed somehow shows that Santa is fake and 'Americanized'? Your an idiot.

How is he Americanised? A lot of countries have a Santa. Maybe not SPECIFICALLY SANTA, but they all have a magical Christmas being who gives out gifts. Saint Nicholas, Pere Noel, etc.

yes actually it does show how americanized he is. think about it, why in the world would santa show favor to all the well to do children in the world while the poor children get screwed? (there ill take the american children out of it). If the man was real wouldn't he give everyone xbox's/whatever they wanted? wouldn't that make a bit more sense? Or do you think that santa likes some children more then others? But apparently 68 chooses to believe in a racist hateful santa and saying that all the white kids get xbox's while everyone else gets screwed doesn't prove that he doesn't exist it only proves that santa knows what's up and gives gifts to the righteous pure white race. So you guys are right if santa was real his distribution of the presents would be just like it is now. I'm sorry i doubted you guys.

Never did I say I believed in any Santa. Just for you I will tell my baby sister that Santa isn't real because only white, American kids get good presents. I hope to God she calls me an idiot and says that one of her (black, hispanic, etc.) Friends received a good gift from Santa as well. Your looking at Santa as if he were a racist figure, but what you fail to realize that not only white kids in America believe in Santa. Besides, how do you know I'm white? How do you know other countries childen do not receive great gifts for Christmas? I don't believe in Santa, but calling him racist may just be the stupidest thing I've ever heard. While we are at it we might as well call Burger King racist because not every country has one and 'only the fat Americans can eat their'. Way to take something as innocent as a damn Christmas character and make it look like a its sending a racist message.

actually gelatin you should go to south america because i've asked kids down there at the orphanage i volunteer at in El Salvador and Ecuador during my summer breaks and they had never heard of santa before. but burger king is everywhere down there. I can promise you Burger King is in far more countries then santa. How many foreign countries have you actually asked the kids about santa in?

You're a complete idiot. The idea of santa is not racist you moron. If only white children got x boxes (which is a complete lie) it still would't be racist, it would just be an issue of white people liking x boxes or being able to afford them. You act like you are bitter at santa because he doesn't give out presents properly, LOL. Then you go on to assume that only white people are right, much more racist than your stupid theory. For the record, I was a poor kid who got badly made chocolate cakes for christmas. And i'm white (shocker). Your ignorance tells me you are probably some middle class white kid trying to pretend they know what they are talking about. You fail. And too all those people saying that people should't lie to their kids, you're all tools too. But I don't want to be too mean because people who say that are usally very young (under 12ish) who are still adjusting to being 'lied too' all that time, but if you are older, listen up; MORON! I really hate christmas, doesn't mean i'm some asshole who is going to ruin it for a four year old! dickwads! FYL op. If I had a friend that did that, I seriously WOULD NOT be there friend anymore. WTF kind of asshole does that. And what kind of idiot tells a four year old to 'grow up' ?!?

Who cares? What exactly are you trying to prove? Because some people don't believe in Santa than nobody can? And you never answered me, how is it only white people are the center of your logic? So now black people who celebrate Christmas NEVER get good presents? I must tell my aunt not to buy my cousin that Wii he wanted from Santa because Santa is for white kids only. And my Peruvian friend Alex needs to return his Playstation because when he got it he still believed in Santa, and Santa HATES Peruvians. Your stupid, honestly. Its pathetic that you look at Santa as being racist because not everybody knows about him. Its like when Kayne West said George Bush hated black people, meanwhile Bush was doing more for Africa than most other presidents ever had. You thinks your logic is correct because you use the typical 'white man vs. Everybody else' logic, which is pathetic.

Your friend is a vag-rag. Seriously, kill them with fire.

that's so mean!!! your friend needs a heart!

Why bother lying?

because its not her kid, so its not really her choice.

Why bother re-teaching him that some illogical Santa is "real", when after that you have to re-re-teach him that he's a faker. Same with god when you ask me, I got fooled once with Santa, and that won't happen again.

Don't be a douche. Santa is real, I saw him :)

Yea... I saw Santa once... he was shagging the Easter Bunny... but then again it was Halloween and I was drunk. ;-)

It's true, I went to the north pole and everything! I was 8... but it was pretty cool, I'd totally go again, even if 'santa' did make me cry.

You're an idiot. Why did you lie about who you were on the phone to? You should have said you were talking to a friend.

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Bahhh haha that's the best! :D