By still had to pay - 23/12/2012 21:36 - Australia

Today, I took my 5-year old daughter to get a photo taken with Santa, when she asked the dreaded question of why this Santa looked different from one at the other store. Before I could placate her, some cunt of a kid yelled, "Because he's not real, dumbass!" FML
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I believe you mean oh no no no, who raised that child? It's a shame to see children act that way and ruin the imagination of others. I'm sorry OP.

iiAntheA17 7

A slap in the face should be heavily implied -.-

insertnameherr 11

If he's not real how do I get my presents?

No! It makes no sense! I saw his sleigh last night! I'm telling you it wasn't an airplane!

23-- that was hilarious, I wish I could thumb you up a million times. It's funny cause it's true.

What the flying fup?!? He IS real! How dare you have your doubt?!?

The only people that make comments like 23 are the people that wouldn't be able to ever get a girl like that even if they paid.

Or maybe the people the people that are just joking around.

insertnameherr 11

lol 23 that's funny but I promise they are real. parents would never let me get work done

insertnameherr 11

but no matter what I say no one will believe me. This is the Internet after all.

They are about real as a unicorn pissing a rainbow.

You mean unicorns don't piss rainbows????? All My life, i have been living a lie!

brand2017 9

You kinda look like you were attacked with spray tan. My opinion though. Insert jokes about my pic next lol

brand2017 9

Your default pic only makes the comment that much better.

Well if people don't believe it's real... why don't you change it to a more modest picture? (sorry if that sounded rude I didn't mean it to O.o)

I like you hair 73! Sorry I'm using the app so I can't send a private message

If you can reach out and touch it, it must be real.

brand2017 9

Thanks 103, i appreciate it :) im using the app too lol

TellMeWhatsDeath 14

Lol this thread is the best xD

hamrtym 15

Arguing real vs fake is getting us nowhere. I know it can be a dangerous conclusion. That's why I am volunteering myself to be the official tester. Yes I will put my life on the line for the truth! I will report back in a few days. If you don't hear from me... get out before it's too late. May god be with us all.

klrindal 2

When you stop believing in Santa, you get underwear.

42- thanks, I just couldn't help myself. Lol

And 2, there's only one way to tell if they're real. A squeeze test, and if necessary. A taste test.

You should have told him he is getting ready for Christmas and its his brother taking his place.

My mom would tell me that they were Santas helpers, because Santa was busy at the North Pole.

71- thats what i plan on telling my kids when i have them. santa doesnt have a brother, silly

KingCeltic77 18

You could tell him that it's not Santa, but one of his assistants. It sounds stupid but unfortunately there isn't much you can do at this point.

Lennes 12

That's actually what my parents told me. It made more sense, so I was more inclined to believe it.

Trisha_aus 15

I wonder what Red Forman told Eric..

androiddestroya 7

"Eric, if you ever doubt that Santa's real, the only gift you'll be getting is my foot in your ass."

CharresBarkrey 15

I laughed at the thought of "They's a killer..." :)

Ahaha I pressed send a bit to fast lol

I would have said that Santa is a really busy man and needs people to help him out.

klol_fml 11

Kick the kid in the ass. Let's see who has a hurt ass.

Sorry you had to deal with a rude kid. Tell your child that kid was naughty, so he is mad at Santa. Then, tell your kid the dept. store Santa works for the real one.