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Today, on the bus, when I was asking my 6-year-old son what he wanted for Christmas, a stranger came up to us and yelled at him about how Santa Claus is not real, that his "parents are fucking liars" and that he should "never listen to anything one of those fuckers says." FML
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That is just awful!!! Of course I don't belive in him cause I'm a Jew but let the kid have his childhood! He will find out sooner or later.

Spoiler alert.


That is just awful!!! Of course I don't belive in him cause I'm a Jew but let the kid have his childhood! He will find out sooner or later.

I agree! This man truly sounds like a real-life grinch. I would even go as far as calling him scrooge.

I never believed in Santa. Coz no one believes in Santa here in Singapore....

I didn't believe in Santa cause I grew up in the ghetto. My parents told me when I was younger that if anyone comes in our house late at night it's cause they wanted weed. They also said, the old fat white man was probably a Jehovah's Witness.

33- I agree. Someone must have pissed in his cornflakes. 53- lol

Jews don't believe in Santa? :S

34 - As if Singapore ever snows, or have chimneys, or even really celebrates it like they do back in America. I know, coz I'm stuck in "summerland" forever.

Umm.. Hi?? Don'tcha know? That's not how you start a conversation here on FML! It requires something witty to be said, in hopes someone equally as witty will come along, or some stupid person to come tell you off. Yep.

He's an angry elf.

Chase the fucker down and have a little father-son beat down.

1, Happy Hanukkah!

Tell him that the man on the bus was a grinch and trying to steal his Christmas

66- Jews don't celebrate Christmas.

Well all you did was ask what he wanted. Didn't say anything about Santa Claus.

It's also annoying when people think you want to hear their opinion. :/ The guy could have just sat there and went, "Stupid santa bull..." under his breath. But no. Some people think they need to share their every waking thought with everyone.

This is what happens when you take the bus. Crazy people shout and ruin kids beliefs.

The bus breaks my spirit every time I get on it. I have to take it to college every day and it turns a normally 30 minute drive into an excruciatingly painful 2 and a half hours of torture.

2.5 hours? Why not just drive the 30 mins??? I wouldn't waste 2.5 hours of my time on a bus.

I don't have a car. ;_; or a license. I have a permit but I can never get anyone to teach me. It sucks really bad. Trust me if there was an alternative I would take it. But there isn't.

Ahh that sucks then. That's too bad. So you must have gotten your permit late then, being in college. But 2.5 hours. Maybe live on campus? I couldn't do that personally. My time is too valuable and I like sleeping in.

I'm going to community college cause I'm too broke to go to university for the full 4 years. So I'm getting general Ed done first. It sucks cause my class is early so I have to get up at 5 just so I can barley make it on time. I hate the bus. I despise it with every fiber in my being.

That would make me tie someone up and force them to willingly teach me how to drive. Based on your use of "university"--I'm assuming you are in Europe somewhere. They must have different rules. I applaud you though for continuing on with your studies even though you are facing adversity!

@onlychildFTW, you do realize that not everyone is privileged enough to own a car, even a beater.

SApprentice 34

60- We say university in the US, too. A university is just a larger and more extensive college, with more detailed and specific classes than those offered by the community colleges. It's usually a good idea to take the first two years at community for the general education requirements and then transfer over. Also, it's a lot harder to make someone teach you how to drive than it sounds. My fiancé was kicked out by his parents at the age of sixteen and became homeless for a year after high school graduation. He had no friends or family to teach him, so we're working on it now, but until I turn twenty-one here in a little while there's really no one available to teach him. There's a learner's permit, but no way to practice for a license.

Just tell your bf to play some grand theft auto. It's totally realistic. And he might even pick up other life skills like beating up hookers for their cash. :)

A university offers graduate degrees along with undergraduate degrees. A college is just for undergrad.

#60 Forcing someone to do something willingly? Do explain how that being forced to do something is doing it willingly?

Spoiler alert.


C-c-c-combo Breaker!

48 pwned all of you...

What happened to the runner-up...?

...MYRRH! No? Well, I tried.

Noooo why did I read this post. I believed sant up til now. Oh wait I'm the joker so I wouldn't have gotten anything anyways. xD

He's probably miserable and just wants to take it out on a poor kid who can't fight back.

"Nope, nope, I'm not bitter at all."

This is why you shouldn't ride the bus.

81 is right. Go buy a car, but not a crappy car (like a Honda), it might break down and you will be back on the bus. Buy a brand new Rolls or Maybach. *sarcasm*

If we were on a bus and you said Honda's were crap I'd yell at you too.

I just bought a Honda, and I'm little offended.

That guy obviously never got anything but coal in his stocking.

He's getting a good swift kick to the ass this Christmas.

Well someone's getting coal for Christmas this year....

Did he ask you for your spare change after the rant?

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insane or not why ruin a kids Christmas spirit? also, as someone mentioned above, Santa wasn't mentioned.

Christmas songs are nice!! but not the techno remixes though..

I personally fucking love Christmas and everything it entails.

Times like this are when I wish there was a sarcasm font.

Your original comment came off pretty serious to me. No sarcasm detected.

Sounds like this guy has unresolved issues with his own parents.

OBJECTION! Such unfounded opinions are not allowed in court!

Objection overruled due to because Bacon

Sounds like this guy didn't have the best childhood.