By xmassmasher - 02/12/2014 07:52 - United States - Ruston

Today, while my boyfriend and I were talking with his sister-in-law about a TV show, his 6-year-old nephew walked up just in time to hear how Santa killed the protagonist's parents. I've never seen such a heartbroken face in my life, and now he won't stop asking if Santa kills people. FML
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batman: christmas edition

Could this be said A Supernatural Christmas?


Hoho no! Whoo! First!

Edit: Hoho no! Tell him Santa only kills on his 364 days off, and the tooth fairy's got a criminal record thicker than Webster's Dictionary. Or, you know, just tell him it's a made up TV show...

Ouch, sorry about that. Though he is young so he will forget eventually.

What type of shows do you watch?

None. I don't watch T.V.

Sorry the question was for op. For some reason it says I replied to you.

@2 - Or he'll be traumatized for life. But you know, either one works.

I think everyone remembers the moment they stopped believing in Santa. I'm sure this will be no different.

Yes, he slides down the chimney, consumes your cookies and milk, and then kills people, and red M&M's too...

batman: christmas edition

Which show were you talking about?

i think american horror story

Yeah it was season 2 of American Horror Story

Could have been Santa's Slay on tv.

pretty disturbing TV show you were watching there OP

Poor kid :(

Could this be said A Supernatural Christmas?

you should've told him that Santa was running out of coal so he has to kill some kids to save on coal

Bad idea. If that secret gets out it could ruin my...I mean santa's reputation

It wasn't Santa , it was the grinch dressed up in a Santa costume for Halloween. Problem solved.

It was either Supernatural or Grimm.. but I can't remember Santa killing the parents of the protagonists in either show so it might be something else. Twilight Zone maybe?