By singingseattlite - 06/04/2009 06:14 - United States

Today, I was at a symposium at which my colleague was a co-chair. She and a new acquaintance asked me how it was going. I joked that the discussant's only job at this conference was to be an asshole. The acquaintance was the symposium's discussant. The topic was Rude Behavior at Work. FML
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Some people may not understand those words, because they may have never had to encounter it. I don't think you should be calling them morons for never using the words "Symposium" and "discussant" before.

I didn't understand any of those words =/


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goooooood jooooob haha p.s: first!

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Ah, irony. And I don't think it was the discussant that was the asshole...

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I'm confused I couldn't understand any of the words in the fml...&& now I feel stupid...

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Yeah, you kinda put your foot in it on that one. Consider finding out who you're talking to /before/ saying stupid things in the future.

Anyone attending such a ridiculous conference is automatically a douche anyway. Seriously... "Rude Behavior at Work" is not worth discussing in a ******* conference - everyone knows everything about assholes anyway.

Irony, always tugging at our toes. Haha~

YDI for sure. how would you not know who the discussant is?

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Speaking of assholes.... Definitely YDI

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Lol, I hope you attended the talks!