By tumblrinas_at_work - United States - Woodland Hills
Today, I had to go to a boring, never-ending "sensitivity training" session, all because my douchebag coworker filed a complaint against me last week after I apologized for being tardy. Apparently I was insulting people with mental disorders. Or as she put it, "differently-abled" people. FML
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  Vestin  |  18

#2: The fact that this comment has been downvoted to hell pleases me greatly. I guess the SJW brigade doesn't quite have an iron grip on this community yet.

  clemsi  |  20

I'd also include OPs supervisor/boss and the HR department. It's amazing how all the people involved in the complaint didn't have enough common sense between them to see it clearly was not an insult.

By  mishwarner  |  14

Should have printed out the dictionary definition for her & while you're at it print out an article about people that create problems in the workplace braise they just love to be offended

By  heirofhope  |  38

Is she able to understand the English language, or at the very least, the difference between, 'tardy' and 'retarded'? Fuck HER life, she's the one losing out due to her lack of intelligence, just keep your chin up OP.