By Anonymous - 26/02/2014 21:44 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, I had to give a sexual harassment seminar to my department. Someone put in a complaint that my example made them feel uncomfortable. FML
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whatwhatindayeah 11

this post makes me feel uncomfortable. I think you're harassing me. that's sexist. that's racist.

I'm comfortable


whatwhatindayeah 11

this post makes me feel uncomfortable. I think you're harassing me. that's sexist. that's racist.

Your username made me feel uncomfortable.

Your username made ME feel uncomfortable, maybe I don't wanna die!

whatwhatindayeah 11

you being uncomfortable makes me uncomfortable

I'm comfortable

whatwhatindayeah 11

but how comfortable are you really?

And I have become "Comfortably Numb"

an3ph 20

Your racism makes me sexist. Ima sue you.

CountWest 6

What what in the yeah? The hell are you insinuating?! Do your worst! Sexual harassment panda will always have my back...

whatwhatindayeah 11

dood sexual harassment panda is my brother

\ 28

This "political correctness" is becoming a pain in the ass.

Pain in the ass offends me. Also the dude up there who's comfortable with his puffy truffles is legitimately making me uncomfortable.

The word "dude" makes me uncomfortable. I got excited reading it and may have become homosexual. I'm not quite sure, but I think you may be sexually harrassing me.

whatwhatindayeah 11

but how could you ever tell ?

JMichael 25

All you fuckers are making me uncomfortable by talking about how everything makes you uncomfortable. I fucking hate you all.

You talking dirty is making me horny...and uncomfortable. (You're a dude right?)

RedPillSucks 31

dont question your sexuality. just go with it,

I'm only slightly uncomfortable. Actually that's a lie. You just made me uncomfortable to the point where I wanted to lie.

I feel uncomfortable by all these comments of Sexual Harrassment Panda, what happened to Pedo Bear?

whatwhatindayeah 11

hey ya know what I'm allergic to people who are uncomfortable

NiceGuysDoWin 21

All of the people in this thread being uncomfortable gives me 3rd party offense, and creates a hostile posting environment. I am gonna sue.

Hey! Atleast they learned something.

Your profile picture makes me feel uncomfortable

Don't look at it then :)

Nu får ni ge er!

Don't put your body on display; it's not like this is a dating site. Get over yourself.

Rainhawk94 27

I really don't understand why people put their real faces on this, it's not Facebook or a dating site. Most of the well know fml users like doc, noor,and welshite don't have their real face

Rainhawk94 27

And I'm probably going on a rant here but every time i read a girls description saying that she's taken, don't hit on me, no perverts, and/or creeps, are the ones who have profile pictures of themselves. If you don't want any problems put a picture of a panda and you're less likely too be hit on

saad2605 16

I'm hoping it wasn't a hands on example.

mansfield_j 27

Some people just suck

What did you just say? SUCK?! You pig! SEXUAL HARASSMENT!

And some don't... Wait.

They must have never heard the words kinky before

please think of the children

What the actual fuck? Are people really that stupid that when they're educated about something important that they need to file a complaint about it?!

The word "Fuck" means to Fornicate Under Commands of the King, therfore, you have just implied the yearn to have sex. By over analyzing this and blowing it vastly out of proportion, I now feel uncomfortable. You'll be hearing from my attorney, good sir.

As will your couch, good sir.

No it is not. The word is Saxon in origin. You have offended the Majesty and all of Saxon descent. Apologize or be sued.

Fuck did not develop from an acronym, It found it's way into English around the 15th century and came from either Low German or Dutch, I was first written in 1500 in encrypted latin in a poem called "Flen, Flyss" as fuccant meaning they fuck in Psudeo Latin. I really hate when people state it was from an acronym so I don't even care about the Down votes.

45, it was a joke. Hence me saying "over analyzing"...

45 why are you so annoyed by the false background of a common day swear? Some people get angry about the use of it, you get angry about people mis-stating its history.

well that's ironic

tazmanmike2013 17

We need these types of laws to protect people but at the same time they are very easily abused. I've seen people who've been actually harassed and these laws did a great job of protecting them. On the flip side I've seen more than a couple of cases where these laws were used to get someone in trouble because the accuser didn't like them. In one particular case I saw someone who got in trouble for doing something wrong at work and then put in a harassment claim against their boss when they were disciplined. In this case is was proved that she was being vindictive and the claim was false. FYL for sure if this person putting in the claim is trying to do something bad to you. It's a shame that so many people abuse these laws, which are meant to protect.

what a troll lol

What was the example??

It must've been that crude cartoon of a caterpillar trying to make it with a french fry.