By FML1994 - United States
Today, my family was discussing the new rules of the house we are moving in. They told my sister she couldn't have any boys in her room. They didn't tell me I couldn't have any girls in my room. Even my parents think I can't get a girlfriend. FML
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  NeatNit  |  32

I think OP is taking it the wrong way. Maybe they're saying she's, err, loose/easy? Don't want her banging a different guy every week, ESPECIALLY not in her room. And if OP brings a girlfriend she'd probably be fine / more to their taste.

By  shananigans  |  0

Meh, that doesn't necessarily mean anything, it's pretty common for parents to be more protective and strict with their daughters than their sons, at least when it comes to dating/relationships...

By  Atreyu_Love  |  0

Probably because they don't care as much in your situation, since you won't be the one getting pregnant...Try bringing a girl home and see what happens

#8, his username says 1994, so probably 14-15