By FML1994 - / Sunday 14 June 2009 17:20 / United States
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  NeatNit  |  32

I think OP is taking it the wrong way. Maybe they're saying she's, err, loose/easy? Don't want her banging a different guy every week, ESPECIALLY not in her room. And if OP brings a girlfriend she'd probably be fine / more to their taste.

By  shananigans  |  0

Meh, that doesn't necessarily mean anything, it's pretty common for parents to be more protective and strict with their daughters than their sons, at least when it comes to dating/relationships...

By  Atreyu_Love  |  0

Probably because they don't care as much in your situation, since you won't be the one getting pregnant...Try bringing a girl home and see what happens

#8, his username says 1994, so probably 14-15

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