By Anonymous - 07/04/2011 07:11 - United Kingdom

Today, it was sunny and bright so I woke up feeling great. I pulled back the curtains in my room and saw my cat dead on the lawn. FML
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my_usagi 0

awwwww that's horrible

Goodmorning!! poor kitty :'c


Goodmorning!! poor kitty :'c

worthless cat! even when it's dead it ruins your day

Well why did you leave your dead cat out on the lawn in the first place?

why doesnt anyone ever yell out FIRST anymore. i want to see sirin attack that shit

SuckerPunchurMom 0

Shut up Harry Potter TROLL!

SuckerPunchurMom 0

I take my comment back. Thank you for removing her. :D

mz_booty 0

and thank godness for that!! the less cats in this world the better lol

Frelling 0

35, nothing like pussy for breakfast.

ieatcats 0

im confused that would make my day btr

haha 16. I was wondering why their dead cat was left outside as well

I had nothing to do with this =O

Did you also see a fat lady pooping on your lawn?

1 - I agree with you. Poor kitty. Meanwhile, the rest of you who said you'd enjoy that are assholes. Literal death isn't something you wish upon anything. You never know what you had before it's gone. Also, even if you don't like how cats act, they're fugging cute, and I'm pretty sure none of you would like to scrape a dead cat off your lawn. In conclusion, if that were your pet, you'd be bawling like there's no tomorrow. Good DAY sir!

thaney18 0

Poor Kitty..... NOT! Muahahaha

I don't know #98, you look pretty guilty! lol

SpilltMilk2 0

#teamdogs, just call up an Asian, they'll be delighted to remove it.

Autoshot 9

112, why am I not surprised that you have no sympathy?

Because she must have been born in Korea, and as she knows, cats taste ever so good :) Breakfast, anyone?

I was walking on the road when I saw this dead cat on someone's lawn, long story short, I ate it.

amber551133 5

omnomnom ...kitteh meat

kameryn25 3

that sounds like a great end to a good morning.

yougotapes 7

aww :(

whoisthisgirl 4

yeah.. that would ruin my day lol

tomorrow tomorrow! I luv ya, tomorr o... noooooo

my_usagi 0

awwwww that's horrible

MyNameIsBruce 0

Must've been some party...

aww! I got a cat today. I had to swerve but I got it.

dirtyblond 4

hahahaha awwwh:(

Randuhh_17 4

y'all are horrible! Completely DISGUSTING!

why are there so many FML's on cats?!?

look at your user pic, 103

103, because cats are the devil.

Was that your lawn, thanks for the meal

SuckerPunchurMom 0

There should be a sign that says "Free Cat"!!!

smileeee_fml 0

*Free Dead Cat

Or *Free meat*

* Free Asian cuisine samples

SuckerPunchurMom 0

#28 That was funny. Wou yu lak to try som shitty chicken?

LOL bitch move:P

this made me lol so hard!!! I'm picturing like 5 different Chinese restaurants fighting over who gets the free fresh cat mean. thanks for the laugh and now I'm craving Chinese food :D

Shame, but it could have been worse. The cat could have dragged itself onto your bed and you could have woken up looking at your dead cat. At least you had a good start. Grab your shovel. Time to start diggin.

Frelling 0

Dig? Faster and easier to put the cat out on the curb, then call the local council to come clean it up.

Curb? Call me an opportunist, but I won't be the one going hungry today.

Opportunist? More like common sense, cat's are great protein and has low fat. Usually. Plus a new rug, or hat.

Hell No! My cat is in NO WAY low fat...

I feel sorry for you op. 1) because of your pet dying, and 2) because you posted it here and were probably expecting sympathy

74, then you gave them exactly what they wanted, with your "I feel sorry for you".

ameeturtle 0


"Today, I died on the lawn. FML"

WOODYfromthaBAY 0

technically its still a beautiful day.. sun and all. but i think its ftcl(eff tha cats life)..

Lizza330 28

Poor Kitty!!!!!! :(

omg yugioh season zero ftw =o

Lizza330 28

I know I'm on episode 25!!!! :D

cptmorgan15 2


Should this not be written "my cat dead on the lawn" rather than "my dead cat on the lawn"? It implies OPs cat was already dead therefore, YDI for leaving it on the lawn.

SuckerPunchurMom 0

Good observation. I concur with this.

SuckerPunchurMom 0

A freaking ninja zombie cat!

It is possible that it was worded correctly AND op didn't leave the cat on the lawn: If op had buried said cat under her lawn, then an animal or a crazy person decided to dig up the grave, the cat would have been on the lawn in the morning. However this scenario is very unlikely 0.o

TheDrifter 23

Not unlikely for long. That's a great prank idea.

raven02 0

it makes sense anyways but yes u r right doctor

LinTurk 4

Yep, your right. Unless she has issues.

ImaWiseGuy 5

i guess it used up it's nine lives.......

It's an old saying/belief that "cats have 9 lives" because of how they can survive falls from high places etc. It's a figure of speech.

Alderman55 0

they were talking about how he used it's cause then it means it is