By anonymous - 27/02/2012 23:09 - United Kingdom

Today, I had my girlfriend over at my parents for dinner. When we were done, my dad went around to collect all the dirty plates and stacked them on his arm. When he got to my girlfriend, the weight became too much and he and the plates fell on top of her. FML
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Redoxx_fml 22

Welcome to the family!

kelseyyup 5

Sounds like the odds were stacked against her.


Redoxx_fml 22

Welcome to the family!

Damn_Hippster 11


Maybe she's hot and your dad was trying to be sneaky and cop a feel. ...he succeeded.

Who drops plates on someone while trying to cop a feel?

He was trying to sneak a boob-brush and failed. Nice going OP's dad!

juicystar777 4

this is more of an FHL story. what if she bought a new expensive sweater (like from juicy couture) for the season and it spilled all over her? that would be such a pain to wash out! also, you weren't the one who was pelted with food. she must have been so embarrassed!! :(

Why would she be embarrassed? If anyone is going to be embarrassed, it would be the dad. He could easily pay for a new top, but now her impression of him is probably that he's a clutz.

At least he is really I'm sorry that happened to you if you leave him that makes sense and I agree with that if you don't....well good luck to you both

61: I think that's why he posted this FML. He's embarrassed all the way around!

juicystar777 4

KeyboardWarrior i would most definitely be embarrassed! i understand why OP's dad would be embarrassed too..but i would hate if that happened to me :( especially in front of my parents boyfriend! :((

Erm what? It wasn't... Wait WHAT? Your parents boyfriend? Uh.. I'm quite perplexed. Am I being trolled? Where's the hidden cameras, the jig is up!

Wait, you mean in front of your boyfriend's parents right? Makes sense now. Your point is understandable, however I think the embarrassment SHOULD really go to the dad.

DisappearingRose 18

That's not the only thing that fell on top of her (;

juicystar777 4

what do you mean? ^^ and lol KeyboardWarrior!

@67 cold water my dear it get dried blood and chocolate out of white cloths

Redoxx_fml 22

Does juicystar ever get thumbs up? Lol no

Juicystar777, let's just say that you are very, very blonde.

She does have nice hair though.

Baha Juicystar777 has made me laugh all day, I guess I'm reading somethin' different though 'cause everyone else keeps acting like she's a moron.

desireev 17

115- There are people who are more ditzy than others. There is no need, at all, to be a jackass about it or try to embarrass the girl! I mean c'mon! This is a site for adults! If you want to act like a 2nd grader, then go back to elementary school. Now let's all be polite. This site isn't for embarrassing others or belittling them.

Cat_Daniels 6

If ur twelve years old you should not have an FML and try to show your Nonexistent boobs to everyone. ( to # 71 & 67)

Well, at least she's got something on your dad now.

More like the dad has something on her

Haha, alright, you got me.

Damn was she ok?

Was that what DocBastard's picture was about?

ryry013 6

Are the plates OK!?!?

at least HE didn't fall on top of her i guess?

Yes, he did, reread it.

^^ exactly. Re-read the FML. It says that he and the plates fell on top of her.

you're such a herp derp -_-

Did anyone else misread the word "reread" as saying retard?

ieatcats 0

no retard

99 It's rude to point fingers. Especially at those with dyslexia.

Good excuse for a shower (;

I thumbed you up purely for your profile picture.

Don't worry 121; you are not alone.

That was the father's plan all along!

"oh no! Your cloths are all dirty now. We must get you out of them, feel free to take a shower here too if you need" cleaver dad ._.

thats wat he said but his mind says " i will rape u coz u naked "

How many plates, how is it possible? lol

ImSoEffedUp 10

It's clearly a lie....

SecretMe00 5

I know. I was thinking the same thing because plates aren't that heavy. Unless he tripped or something, I don't understand how carrying plates makes you fall.

I'm guessing OP's gf's plate had food left in it which made the plates heavier??

DontClickOnMe 28

I'm a server at a restaurant and our plates are heavy, especially when there's a bunch stacked up on each other. Maybe the weight of that one extra plate caused the OP's dad to lose his balance.

Geeeez how many people were at this dinner? If it was just four plates this doesn't seem realistic. You must have a huge family haha

desireev 17

Apparently, y'all don't know how hard it is to hold multiple plates in your hands without them falling. Let alone balancing the big, round plates on your not-so-wide arms. I've worked as a server in many places. It's alot harder than most think it is. It's all a balancing game!

Omfg! 132, your profile pic is not okay! I HATE spiders and that happens to me all the time. I'm afraid to go to sleep now..

candice22_fml 4

Or op's dad "accidentally" dropped the plates and fell on her...

Oops. Sorry OP, I hope she doesn't take it personally. :(

Redoxx_fml 22

I hope the plates don't take it personally

GoW_Chick 14

I hope the floor doesn't take it personally, but it's use to it I guess, people are always walking all over it.

Redoxx_fml 22

Just like stairs

loginword123 0

Haha I guess he'll never make it as a waiter

Ima follow your pictures advice. B)

Ouch. Hope they didn't all break on her head or something.

loginword123 0

Haha I guess he'll never make it as a waiter

kate12345678901 15

u repeted