By chi-huaHUA - United States
Today, I walked outside to see my friend frantically waving and running at me, yelling something I couldn't understand. I smiled and started to jog over to him until I realized he was screaming "RUN!!!" We spent the next 10 minutes running from his neighbor's 5 vicious chihuahuas. FML
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  _TONGAN_  |  5

Well OP since you had just walked outside...hmmm...why don't you walk back inside?...and videotape your friend getting eaten by deadly monstrous beasts of the abyss!!!

  Link5794  |  18

99 Every ass day is fun.

  starile  |  19

A much more plausible one would be "A vicious taco ate my chihuahua".

YDI, what's the worst a tiny chihuahua could do other than tear up your shoelaces? Unless they're one of those giant mutant sabre-tooth Chihuahua bears, then you're in a pickle.

  DjeePee  |  24

It's really funny and at the same time annoying that almost nobody here seems to realise chihuahuas are very aggressive and have sharp teeth. Don't underestimate one chihuahua, surely not five.

  Riverweasel  |  1

Very much agreed. Man, what an idiot for taking such a lucky chance to kick some overgrown furry rats and instead changing it into excersize. I've wanted to kick a chihuahua for so damn long too, and you had five? Makes me so mad

  gr82bhere  |  9

Actually I had a neighbor with down syndrome and an intense fear of dogs who got tackled, climbed over, bit, and terrorized by 6 chihuahuas from down the road. If they sense they have an advantage (in numbers or otherwise) they WILL use it.

  rissygrl08  |  6

well i would probably decide against kicking them because if you seriously injure one of them you could get in a lot of trouble with the neighbor, regardless if they were chasing you or not

  KRS_13  |  0

once my friends chihuahua bit my lip and took a chunk of meat out my my lip causing my to go to the hospital and get 5 stiches. is THAT worse then asking for a taco?