By Anonymous - 04/12/2010 05:37 - United States

Today, at a concert, my friend grew tired of holding her bag. She asked a man to hold it, saying that he wouldn't steal it "since it was hers". I quietly told her she was too naïve and irresponsible. After the concert, I got home and noticed my wallet was stolen instead, right out of my pocket. FML
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Shit like this always happens in concerts, next time put your money in your bra and then you'd definitely feel if someone tried to steal it xD

xstolix 1

Damn it swiper I said no swiping. Sorry :)


first comment

Betting this ^ is gonna get moderated.

I agree with #1

god dammit why do only some of my comments appear

#22 your comments aren't good enough, unlike mine which are...

owned! moderated! just like I said. lol

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what did number 1 say?


Why do squirrels swim on their backs? So their nuts stay dry. 1st, That's what he said.

Reverse karma?

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don't act like her mom next time.

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That guy probably heard you and wanted to make you look like a jackass. Wonder if it worked.

lmao at the 2 above me

but I always want to know what they say... I don't get butthurt

I gotta say, that was really dumb haha

Could it been an revenge?

haha boxxy!

Who else you thunk it would've been?! xD

mintcar 9

An revenge?

Are you sure you didn't just lose it? how do you know it was stolen if you didn't notice till you got home?

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Damn it swiper I said no swiping. Sorry :)

Karma's a bitch..

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Karma? this has absoltley NOTHING to do with karma. it's irony look it up hun

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bt we do snd gangsta init man. take sum peeps to da yard bro. lmao I can't do it ;D

ttyler333 7

haha that's crazy, there's a reason some wallets have chains

Karma for not trusting random people xD

your comment doesnt make sense.. karma doesnt punish you for trusting random people!

Says... a close personal friend of karma?

It's called a joke. Douche.

wow ironic? or just coincidence? either way FYL

Its an ironic coincidence.