By ellinor - 17/09/2010 20:33 - Sweden

Today, I was walking outside when I saw my best friend about 100 meters away. I began running towards her, arms flailing, screaming out a tribal battle cry. It wasn't until I was nearly on top of her that I realised it was someone else. FML
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get your eyes checked fooo'

do you always run towards ppl like that? :S


get your eyes checked fooo'

Wow, you're an embarrassment.

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And her brain...



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hey you met someone new ?


woah woah wait. r. a. p. e. is a bad word to them???

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It's frowned upon. If you could please find something to say that is more appropriate.



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How is that sexual harassment? I wonder about children these days, they just don't know anything. OP, at least we know you're friendly and..maybe a bit odd! You fit in wonderfully around here. :P


I tried to say r a p e. (for god sakes don't mod this comment) but it modded my comment. (the fml creators are really stricked

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you should still tackle her haha

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So, you know why you were moderated, yet continue to use an inappropriate word? I would think the moderator that commented, telling you to not use that word, was a sign that you are out of line and breaking the rules. They actually aren't that strict, but people can't run around this website, throwing around vulgar words and saying whatever they want. The moderators have some class, you should follow their lead. Stop using the word.


I hate the creators


no wonder they're British.

WTF fml, you really make Americans look stupid.

Americans ARE stupid!

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lol I can imagine...

I can fix that.

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This isn't an fml. Fuck you, OP.

OP should have kept on going and rammed straight into the stranger to teach the other bystanders a lesson as to who is boss. That is, IF you're the boss...

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ffml, who's your friend?

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Ok. So I'm guessing.. you don't have that many friends?

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woah wait a sec 100 meters what's that is that like a couple miles or inches or gallons cause I can't decide if this is an fml or not.

Wow... even if it WAS your friend, that still would've been embarrassing...

I loled at the tribal battle cry part

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op is a retard. ydi for being stupid.

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no 100 meters is a quarter of a quarter mile. (it's late don't feel like getting all technical)

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100 meters is like 300 feet not 2 miles you silly rabbit

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lookin good #1

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i wonder what idiot actually does that in public, what the heck haha (:

oh, besides op of course.. fuafp! fuck!

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i like turtles

I'm imagining you like, literally an inch away from her face with your arms still eaves wildly and this random person is recoiling in fright. This is a good mental image. For all you boring noobs, friends are meant to be greeted in a loud and obnoxious manner. Who else can you be loud and obnoxious with?

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You sound annoying.

Your my hero.

Today, i was walking in a secluded park when out of no where a girl come screeming they weirdest stuff, she tackles me. Then she took a dump on my chest. FML

It happens to all of us so I don't think this is her fault.

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stupid idiot

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agreed x2


C-C-C-Combo breaker Killer!

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dang it!

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C-c-c-combo Breaker!!!


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haha sucks

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you ugleez

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look who's talkinf

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#4 Is that even you in your picture? Or did you Just find it?

#225, i bet its found, it says shes 30yrs old, and the girl in the pic looks about 18...

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181= WIN

lol deadest warrior

haha good show :3 and that sounds like something I would totally do. I think I DID do that today xD

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i think you need glasses OP

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op said the friend wad 100 meters away. that's hella far down the road

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do you always run towards ppl like that? :S

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I would been like 'ha! just kidding :)' then awkwardly walked away :) hahaha but seriously fail on OPs part

*would have

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Lil Wayne is horrible.

Lol @ the tribal battle cry. And this isn't an FML, just a minorly awkward moment.

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dumbasssss! why would you do that anyways? :o ydi!

A good time with a Texas girl, hmmmm sounds good!

because they were/are drunk, high, crazy, lesbian, weird, stupid, or most likley a human... something seriously wrong with that race

145 - I am part of an ultra-secret government program to eradicate all illegal alien life, and your comment sounded really suspicious to me. Could you please give me your ID or Solar passport. Cooperation would be appreciated

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lol and what did the other person do!?

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oh my goshness!!! :O I frikken LOVE your hair!!! it's beautiful!!!!!

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nocturnal is gona be awesome !!!

Pink woulda been sexier

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no purple is much better.

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your hair is frickin' amazing. <3 it.

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ya that's not me she's my favourite scene queen and that's why it's my pic

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ooohh. okay.